So that's how he does it (also, happy birthday, Billy!)


So billy tends to spend too much time watching YouTube videos. I removed the shortcut on his home menu to YouTube, but somehow he was always ending up opening YouTube and watching angry birds related videos. I haven't wanted to simply remove YouTube entirely, as an occasional video is okay or sometimes even beneficial, but I just wanted to decrease the frequency.

Today I finally saw how how he was getting to angry birds videos so easily. He starts angry birds space, hits some button in the game to view their privacy policy, which opens a web browser. From there, he hits the YouTube social network logo thing in the upper right hand corner, and it asks if he wanted to view it in the browser, or the YouTube app. He fires it up, and starts off from rovio's channel.

He figured this out at just over 2 and a half. He turns 3 today! It's why we call him our little hacker. Hah.

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