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A new room, and for a moment, a sense of normalcy

So today, we gave Billy his big present from us. We've been quietly cleaning out a room we filled with junk when we first moved in here a few years ago. In its place, we've been arranging new toys, and organizational stuff. One wall has a 10 foot long by 2 foot high roll of whiteboard wallpaper on it, so we can draw pictures and words for him with dry erase markers. Currently it has some doodles and a crude visual schedule (I plan on printing out full size color cards, laminating them, and backing them with velcro, but for now this will have to do). We gave Billy a table, some Billy sized chairs, and an easel with chalk. There's also a place for his sensory bins we created, and a table to play with them at all his own, so that should make days when he returns from school easier for him (and us). There are still a couple extra boxes, and we're not finished cleaning out the closets, but it's a start, and he can start to enjoy his new space.

Needless to say, he was incredibly excited. He found one of his new toy bins was full of play food. Becky showed him how to make a hamburger, and hot dog, and how to put on fake ketchup. He of course started making us all wonderful hotdogs, hamburgers, and watermelon with all the ketchup one could possibly want, exactly as Becky showed him. It was the longest, most natural pretend play I've seen out of him yet, and I was completely overjoyed by it. Of course, all good things must end, and bathtime had to begin.


Billy has always been a little weird about baths. One week he'll love them and it's impossible to get him out, another week you should probably wear one of those protective suits they use to train police dogs.  It's rare that I can get his head wet to wash his hair, we often have to resort to using dry shampoo to keep it clean. But tonight was very special. He played in the water, and when he was done, he let me lather him up with soap. But when it came to rinsing him off, he would have none of it. ALL DONE ALL DONE *TEARS*. I now have a large, soapy, newly minted 3 year old sobbing unconsolably and trying desperately to climb out of the tub and into my lap. Even a gentle pour of water from a cup onto his back made him scream, and I couldn't calm him down enough to have him try to rinse himself off.

Mommy swooped in to help console him, and we got him to rinse himself off with the cup. He did an okay job, but he got a vast majority of the soap off, and he no longer looks like a grubby child. We had to put off the hair washing until tomorrow. Fortunately he tends to be weird about wanting to get his hands dirty, which makes his hair easier to clean than most, as he won't generally get his hair dirty.

Now he seems calm enough to actually go to bed, so I'm going to do that, and try to get to sleep myself in a little bit.

So that's how he does it (also, happy birthday, Billy!)


So billy tends to spend too much time watching YouTube videos. I removed the shortcut on his home menu to YouTube, but somehow he was always ending up opening YouTube and watching angry birds related videos. I haven't wanted to simply remove YouTube entirely, as an occasional video is okay or sometimes even beneficial, but I just wanted to decrease the frequency.

Today I finally saw how how he was getting to angry birds videos so easily. He starts angry birds space, hits some button in the game to view their privacy policy, which opens a web browser. From there, he hits the YouTube social network logo thing in the upper right hand corner, and it asks if he wanted to view it in the browser, or the YouTube app. He fires it up, and starts off from rovio's channel.

He figured this out at just over 2 and a half. He turns 3 today! It's why we call him our little hacker. Hah.

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Billy in school

So Billy has had a diagnosis of "Severe speech delay", and "severe auditory processing delay" for about a year now. We have had him in private speech therapy through Beaumont.

We heard about "early on" (Michigan's IDEA part C early intervention coordinator) through a friend, and talked with them this summer. We set up a meeting for an evaluation on the first week school opened. It was pretty awesome. Several professionals played with him while collecting data about what he can and can't do (or won't do).

He now has a few new labels, none of which comes at a surprise, we suspect he has some form of autism (which they are observing, he meets the criteria). They have admitted him to the early childhood preschool program, with speech, occupational, and physical therapy, provided by the public school system free of charge (speech therapy cost us roughly $160-$200 a month after insurance, so this is a big deal for us). I'll probably write more about that later.

But in the meantime, here's a picture of billy on his first day of school. 🙂


Is that going to be a strike?!?!?!

Is that going to be a strike?!?!?!
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Just an update for the people who don't follow me or billy on the firehose of crap that is facebook, or on my flickr based bithose (accessible by poking around on the links in this post).

Billy is 2 years old as of September 30. Hard to believe it. Here's a cute picture of him in bowling shoes doing his best to play bowling with us, at age two.

Besides a "severe auditory processing delay" and a "severe speech delay" (for which he starts speech therapy next week) he's been relatively healthy (well, he's also allergic to soy and cow's milk protein, which is "interesting" but avoidable).

We've been doing well as a family, and things have been hectic in a good way at work, as we continue to grow furiously.