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Billy in school

So Billy has had a diagnosis of "Severe speech delay", and "severe auditory processing delay" for about a year now. We have had him in private speech therapy through Beaumont.

We heard about "early on" (Michigan's IDEA part C early intervention coordinator) through a friend, and talked with them this summer. We set up a meeting for an evaluation on the first week school opened. It was pretty awesome. Several professionals played with him while collecting data about what he can and can't do (or won't do).

He now has a few new labels, none of which comes at a surprise, we suspect he has some form of autism (which they are observing, he meets the criteria). They have admitted him to the early childhood preschool program, with speech, occupational, and physical therapy, provided by the public school system free of charge (speech therapy cost us roughly $160-$200 a month after insurance, so this is a big deal for us). I'll probably write more about that later.

But in the meantime, here's a picture of billy on his first day of school. 🙂


Is that going to be a strike?!?!?!

Is that going to be a strike?!?!?!
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Just an update for the people who don't follow me or billy on the firehose of crap that is facebook, or on my flickr based bithose (accessible by poking around on the links in this post).

Billy is 2 years old as of September 30. Hard to believe it. Here's a cute picture of him in bowling shoes doing his best to play bowling with us, at age two.

Besides a "severe auditory processing delay" and a "severe speech delay" (for which he starts speech therapy next week) he's been relatively healthy (well, he's also allergic to soy and cow's milk protein, which is "interesting" but avoidable).

We've been doing well as a family, and things have been hectic in a good way at work, as we continue to grow furiously.