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And finally, a post about me

Brewing in my head is a series of posts about all the memories of my own challenges in childhood that are dredged up when I see billy have them too, and other memories of my childhood, some good (like all my private awesome computer time at school) and some not so good (because they figured out that it was better and safer than locking me in a library study room all by myself, unsupervised for hours on end, which they did constantly. This is by the way, strongly against Michigan department of education policy now, and borders on child endangerment).

But tonight I'll bring up something more recent. My peanut allergy. It seems to have developed with time. I never was particularly fond of peanuts as a kid, but grew more and more averse to them. In adulthood they started to cause my mouth to tingle wherever they touched. I heard from a friend this happened to him, and then one day he had a life threatening reaction to peanuts. Since then, I have been actively avoiding peanuts.

Today I misidentified a fun sized candy bar at a cursory glance and bit into it, tasted the peanuts immediately and spat it into a napkin. I then had a ton of mucus start accumulating in my throat, and my nose ran like crazy. Then my chest tightened and it got harder to breathe. I was pretty terrified, especially since I only was exposed to it, I didn't even swallow it.

In my many years on this planet, I've had serious car accidents, a nearly burst appendix, a severe allergic reaction to CT contrast, and odd infections, tachycardia, and much more. I'm not letting a stupid legume take my life. So I called my doctor and asked them to call in two epipens to the pharmacy a block south, and picked them up a couple hours later.


Dear friends, always feel and check if there is muscle in my thigh where you discharge this bad boy. And take an extra 5 seconds to read the directions so you don't impale your thumb. If you punch this thing through a pocket full of change and drivers license, or impale my femur, I'll use my last dying breath to choke you out and take you with me. Slow down and do it right. Heroes read the damn directions. Oh, and call 911, this stuff is incredibly unhealthy, and depressingly temporary.

Racism and misinformation

Today, while eating at one of my favorite restaurants, Idle Hour in Spring Lake, MI (I've literally been eating there since I was able to eat solid food) I found some printouts on the lazy susan on the middle of the table.

Naturally, I picked them up, and one set of them was filled with a printed email containing a racist "joke" about painting a golf caddy robot black and having it fail to show up for work, apply for welfare, or become president, or something along those lines. Someone has reproduced this "joke" here

It was prefaced with the words:



I corrected this with my sharpie to then read:



I think it's important to call a spade a spade, and let other people figure it out. You can't hide behind blatant racism with wimpy claims of "political correctness". This isn't someone saying "A black man" rather than "A man of African American decent". It's a straight up racist joke. If you think it's funny, that's fine, as long as you realize it's actually racist, not just some stupid jab in the culture wars.

I then set it back in its place. Found another email printout, this time some email forward talking about how Obama is screwing old people by putting a 3.8% sales tax on all home sales. I got the correct information from stating that there is such a tax, but you have to have more than $200k a year in income, and it taxed the sale in excess of $250k for single people, and $500k for married filing jointly, and only to the extent that it exceeded those values would it be taxed (a sale of a home for $501k would only have $38 in additional taxes, as long as the person had $200k in income that year, otherwise it'd still be not taxed). So I made massive corrections to that email and put it back as well.

I don't think the owners were involved, or possibly even aware. But I won't allow racism or disinformation to go unchallenged.