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[VID]4k Audio Dos Donts and Pitfalls - Buz.avi2008-04-29 14:45 613M 
[VID]Art Behind Enemy Lines - The Fat Man.avi2008-04-29 14:45 567M 
[VID]Automated Psychedelia - Translating Motion into Color and Sound - Tim Cowley.avi2008-04-29 14:45 1.0G 
[VID]BagCam - Algormor.avi2008-04-29 14:45 559M 
[VID]Beyond the Blue E - Eric Meyer.avi2008-04-29 14:45 446M 
[VID]CPU Not Required - Making Demos with FPGAs - Jeri Elsworth.avi2008-04-29 14:45 359M 
[VID]Circuit Bending Will Get You Laid - Pete Edwards and Fred Owsley.avi2008-04-29 14:45 586M 
[VID]Creating Something People Want But May Not Know It - Jon Broadwell.avi2008-04-29 14:45 211M 
[VID]Curious Perversions in Information Technology - Alex Papadimoulis.avi2008-04-29 14:45 457M 
[VID]Current Election Technologies and How to Improve Them - Smoke and Phreak.avi2008-04-29 14:45 618M 
[VID]Data Loss Protection - Hope or Hype - Enno Rey and Angus Blitter.avi2008-04-29 14:45 602M 
[VID]Edrugs, Pokemon, and the Bodhi Tree - Building Environments for Wireheading - Ab3nd.avi2008-04-29 14:45 745M 
[VID]Exploit-Me Series - Firefox Plugins for Application Penetration Testing - Dan Sinclair and Sahba Kazerooni.avi2008-04-29 14:45 339M 
[VID]FM Synthesis - Beyond the Adlib - Jake Virt Kaufman.avi2008-04-29 14:45 432M 
[VID]Finding Bad Guys Can Be Fun - Bruce Potter.avi2008-04-29 14:45 582M 
[VID]Hacking Habitation - A Computer Nerds Guide to DIY Construction - Jeremy Anderson.avi2008-04-29 14:45 519M 
[VID]Hick Tech - Emma Hogbin.avi2008-04-29 14:45 199M 
[VID]Internets as Serious Business - Academic Perspectives on Net Culture - Leigh Honeywell and Kate Raynes-Goldie.avi2008-04-29 14:45 608M 
[VID]Is Privacy a Lost Cause - David Mortman.avi2008-04-29 14:45 500M 
[VID]Lock Picking in the New Frontier - From Mechanical to Electrical Locks - Dosman.avi2008-04-29 14:45 416M 
[VID]New Media Art - Dropping Humanity in Non-Places - Nate Graham.avi2008-04-29 14:45 341M 
[VID]Nightmare Filesystem - Jon DeVree.avi2008-04-29 14:45 345M 
[VID]Now and Then Here and There - Editing - Jason Scott.avi2008-04-29 14:45 447M 
[VID]Permanent Records - Managing Your Identity in a Paranoid World - Dead Addict.avi2008-04-29 14:45 628M 
[VID]Physics of Radio and Wireless Networking Panel Discussion.avi2008-04-29 14:45 411M 
[VID]Protect Your Personal Information - Nexus.avi2008-04-29 14:45 572M 
[VID]Self-Preservation Mode - Lessons Learned from Archiving the DemoScene - Jim Trixter Leonard.avi2008-04-29 14:45 488M 
[VID]To Boldly Go Where No Broadband Has Gone Before - Mark Doner.avi2008-04-29 14:45 638M 
[VID]Wasnt Hypercard Cool - Drew Ivan.avi2008-04-29 14:45 494M 
[VID]Your Circuits - Let Me Help Bend Them - Sam Harmon.avi2008-04-29 14:45 683M 
[VID]Zen and the Art of the Turing Machine - Aestetix.avi2008-04-29 14:45 430M