On my Pentium 133 laptop, I did a dist-upgrade, and screwed up my kernel install for my custom kernel. I said screw it and installed the newest kernel in debian woody (2.4.18-586tsc) and WOW. I'm blown away here. This is much faster than 2.2.19, and includes everything I could possibly need or ask for in a kernel.
It's been a long time since I've seen a serious enhancement in speed from a kernel upgrade, but today is just full of surprises.
I think it probably has to do with the VM system, because I see the speed increase most when gnome is loading up, and I have 72MB of ram onboard, and it loads almost twice as fast now.
w00 to the Gnome team and the kernel coders!

It's a pretty nice day so far. I was quite happy yesterday, I think it was the sun and warmth. I want a repeat of yesterday as far as that's concerned 🙂
Anyway, only bad thing today is that Meijer gas station seemed to be having problems with CC processing. Fortunately I was able to somehow dig up 6 bucks in cash from my pockets to pay for the gas I had already pumped. w00.

*holds up a can of Mountain Dew*
Here's to a good day today…

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