Score one against the religious right who feel they must censor everything at any cost.

useful content ahead for users of kernel 2.4 and ISAPnP devices with kernel ISAPnP support

w00t. I finally got my qpage server working again.
Note to anyone who uses isapnp devices under kernel 2.4 – if you have a script that runs setserial, run it with the following parameters:
setserial /dev/ttyXX auto_irq skip_test autoconfig
The port and IRQ can change, even the stuff shown under dmesg isn't necessarily right. setserial usually figures it all out.

You'll know if this is a problem because you'll get errrors like:
ttyXX: LSR safety check engaged!
in your kernel message ring buffer (dmesg for those who don't know what I'm talking about)

Anyway, there's my useful content post for the day. w00t!

Pictures I forgot to post elsewhere…

I don't feel like screwing with the images. They're big. I'm on ISDN. Thus, I'm not doing an IMG tag.
Click here ->
Take what you want.
I left them big so you can have a better looking picture to do whatever you want with.

I am speaking specifically to you, – your assassin photo is here.
Anyone who wants to see what denis looks like bald, see the above url. :->

Oh, , your axe photo is here too. Don't forget that you have to use the IP address to access it. (

I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. See all of you tomorrow!

My week in recap

* Got 1 week to file my 2000 tax return, and am waiting on an IRS-1099 form to do so.
* been woken up in the middle of the night in my underwear by friends screwing around
* been driving a car that is getting scarier and scarier. I really need those new bearings.
* been asked by my work to surrender $1500 in pay because of a mistake THEY made.
* been dealing with a fraudster on eBay
* dealt with a T1 cross connect screwup that was Level(3)'s fault
* dealt with an Oracle database cluster failing in strange and new ways
* learned how to make really annoying flash animations
* started signing CC reciepts in bizarre ways
* mailbombed a friend of mine via livejournal
* passed out because I ate too much rice
* lusted after caffinated soap
* preordered the eminem CD
* watched a bunny get gibbed by a friend of mine's car in the car ahead of me 🙁
* helped work on a friend's deathtrap^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H house.
* tagged said house
* did things I would rather not mention. Not bad morally or ethically, but just not stuff I'm going to admit in a public forum. , and know what I'm talking about here.
* assisted in prank calling my girlfriend
* been on the other end of a similar prank involving
* renewed my lease at my cheap ass apartment complex

God, what a crazy 7 days it's been. I can only wonder what the next 7 will bring.

… while talking to
>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=5581
<<< 452 Out of memory bahahahahaha This made my day.