A car takes off from private land at 14 feet off the ground using thrusters and flies over the highway, and fires accelerator thrusters, making it go forward at approximately 300 miles an hour, for one mile.

Were any laws broken?

MCL 259.2 (e) defines an aircraft as follows:
(e) “Aircraft” means any contrivance used or designed for navigation of or flight in the air.

MCL 259.9 (d):
(d) “Vehicle” means any device in, upon, or by which a person or property is or may be transported, except an aircraft.

They do not define flight, and do not state altitude at which one would be considered flying rather than hovering. If the car was a stock car, save for the minimal addition of some sort of thrust producing device to render it airborne, would it be considered an aircraft? Consider the legal status of a hovercraft.

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and last but not least: Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution

And of course, it is understood that your answers are not legal advice, whether or not you are a lawyer.

Dear crazy russians…

Because you think it's necessary to start drama over some silly ass need to ban thousands of people rather than simply set comments friends only, I'm doing just that. Funny how now I don't have to deal with your silly ass drama, and I didn't have to ban 65,535 people to do it. Amazing!

If you're actually on my friends list, check out that post if you feel like watching some silly ass flamewars.

Update: PS: I run my own mailserver network, and it's meaningless to sign me up for hundreds of maillists or to try to mailbomb me. I deal with at least one joejob a year, and have an email architecture designed to deflect about 40,000 messages per hour. You're wasting nobody's time but your own.

Lawnmower Men drama

So there are these two people who are in a constant battle to try and cut my lawn at the lawn edge. Each has the offer of $15 to make it fucking pretty, no grass on the sidewalk, clean up around the AC condenser unit, don't chew up my flowers and shit. The only rule is you come by on Saturday late morning, early afternoon. So last time this one guy did it (I'll call him LM1). I had only a $20, and said fuck it, here's $20, $10 next time? "Sure". I made it CLEAR that next time was IN TWO WEEKS. Two. Because grass just isn't growing as fast at this time of year.

So he comes by the next week, and I remind him I said TWO WEEKS. So he leaves.

He's bugged me 3 times this week, each time talking about how he has no money, blah blah blah, like it makes a damn bit of difference. I make it perfectly clear that I'm not a charity, I just am a guy with a lawn that needs mowing, and that I said saturday, and I meant saturday. It would be another thing entirely if he was sitting there with his mower, he wasn't – he's like hey can you front me and I'll cut it saturday. How's about a hell no?

Anyway, so LM2, the guy who initially was with him when they cut it the first time back in July (and it was monsterously overgrown then, so it was really a two person job), comes by today, telling me yet another sob story about how he lives at his mom's and the other guy lives in his own place blah blah blah. I again point out that I don't care, all I want is a mowed lawn. Since he's here at the right time, I said give the other guy until 11:15, since he said he'd show at 11. If he's not here then, it's yours. I'll be in the shower, just start mowing the shit at 11:15, you know I'm good for it.

I'm in the shower, 11:15 rolls around and the guy fires up the mower, and takes care of business. I give him $15 and take off to run some errands. The guy tells me on my way out: "Please just tell the other guy a kid came by and did it". Now, I honestly am a shitty liar, hope this guy understands this. Oh well. I guess it's not a lie, since they act like fucking children and all I want is my goddamned lawn mowed. It's almost easier to strap on a dust mask and do it myself than deal with this childish drama over who gets to cut my grass. What the fuck?

Anyway, enough venting.