Got my arm worked on again. There were two pockets of infection that hadn't worked their way out. They drained them with a scalpel and a syringe, and now I get darvocet and augmentin. Good times.

240 posts back and I'm giving up. It's starting to look familiar so I'm sure I've caught almost everything. If you were expecting a comment from me somewhere, let me know where.

Let's see, what has happened the last few weeks?

+ Becky bought her mom's car. We're a two car household now!

– I got a bad infection in my arm. I thought it was a bug bite, but the kind folks in the ER told me it was an infection of my hair follicle, leading to cellulitis. Google that term if you want some gross photos. If you want ones that are more representative, I've been tracking the changes with my camera, so if you want 7mp of infected arm goodness, I has it.

I had to be admitted to the hospital, and i spent the night in observation getting IV antibiotics every 6 hours. I took my 10 days of antibiotics afterwards, every 6 hours, faithfully. I run out tomorrow and it's not totally gone yet. I bet they're going to jab me with more needles. 🙁

– Taking vicodin and keflex does bad things to your bowels. Nothing medically relevant, thank God (at least so far, anyway) but that combo has left me in a mild bit of misery in ways that you can imagine if you read the side effects on each one. (See how I'm saving you the really gruesome detail I'd usually make sure to throw in? Consider it your Thanksgiving present!)

+ I finally got a working printer in the house. It's a nice brother laser printer and networked scanner. It was an excellent deal (under $300) and includes native IPv6 support. Very excellent. It sends scanned stuff over FTP to a selectable list of places. It emails me if it runs out of paper. It's awesome.

+ I upgraded the webserver to dual 500GB SATA II drives with 16GB cache from it's 250GB raid with one failed drive. This is of course a huge upgrade and has been made of win. What made it more win was the drives were on sale at Microcenter for $60-70 apiece.

+ An old friend from highschool has caught up with me on facebook. This is also made of win. I lost his email address and contact info in the raid a few years ago.

+ My satellite tracking software I wrote to track the international space station, and adjust my radio to compensate for the doppler shift of an object that's got a ground speed of over 3km/sec. It works!

– The problem is that the ISS wasn't on the air when I tried to call them. Doh! Hope to manage to score a contact with the space station this weekend.
PS: ICom's CI-V serial protocol sucks balls but can be used for this if you tweak things just right. I need to make a version for my kenwood in the car. (My car's ham radio is the same model used on the ISS)

I'm sure I forgot things. I've been busy at work as always, and social events were had, and good times were had. I love you guys!