Called to dispute charge listed as TAC payment, he made the 118$ payment but didn't make the 141.64 payment. Requested the 141.64 be refunded, as he's overdrawn, and applied a half-month of credit as a CS courtesy.

So I guess tomorrow I might have money in my bank account again, w00t!

Then I can afford to buy my own Mt. Dew, instead of drinking all of the cans that are at work. 😎

Hey gomal, where yall at?

From 13132727170 4/15/03 6:16 PM 00:20

Anyone who can translate this into something I can understand gets a cookie.
Either way, it sounds funny, considering that I have no idea who this is.
(Except for the number belongs to:

Robert C Knox Jr, (313) 272-7170,
14582 Mark Twain St
Detroit, MI 48227

And for those who play the at home game of telcodata, here's the URL. If it helps, they're on the Detroit Vermont CO.

Ahh, the joys of having a 313 number.

Monthly Service – Mar 28 thru Apr 27
Call Plan Unlimited 13.82
Non-Published Service 4.95
Caller Identification 7.50
Calling Name Display 2.00

Fuck, why is my phone bill twice what it should be simply so solicitors can't bug the shit out of me? Why should I have to pay so goddamn much?
That's a 1A, Ameritech, and I know for a fact it's been there since January 30, 1982. Why do I have to pay for a service that has been long since subsidized? It's not like you have to pay Western Electric for software updates on that beast every month simply to serve me caller ID. ha!