crossposted from irc (slightly cleaned up)

[paul] guys
[paul] when I was young
[paul] we trespassed regularly into a shipyard
[name_redacted] where?
[dj_doughy] …
[paul] interestingly, one my friend's brother was killed in due to reckless behavior on his part doing the exact same thing
[paul] so anyway
[name_redacted] paul: oh.
[paul] we found a tugboat in drydock
[paul] inside the fore hatch where the beds were
[paul] we found a huge stash of the nastiest porn ever
[paul] well, at least we thought when we were 12
[niteshad1] The tug was abandoned in dry dock?
[paul] it was hustler and penthouse
[paul] not exactly abandoned
[paul] this was an operating shipyard
[niteshad1] OK, my mistake.
[paul] but anyway, we also did massively stupid shit there
[paul] like the time we went on the piles of rock salt they had deposited there
[paul] there were tarps, held on with tires
[paul] it was wet
[name_redacted] thanks to the local BBS scene the first time i saw hardcore porn in print it was nothing new
[paul] I curled up in a ball in my nylon windbreaker and slid down it
[paul] getting a leg caught in one of the ropes on the way
[name_redacted] my dad has a photo of kids sledding on asbestos piles at a mine in summer time
[paul] causing me to begin to fall/roll down the rock salt
[paul] my glasses flew about 15 feet and I landed face down in a puddle
[paul] everything tasted like salt for a week
[jeff] cute
[name_redacted] when i was little i would pick rock salt up off the sidewalk and eat it at school
[paul] anyway guys I miss adventure
[paul] πŸ™‚
[name_redacted] i'd get horrible headaches for some reason
[paul] but i do like food tasting not like rock salt
[paul] I guess what I'm trying to say is last night was awesome for those who were there
[paul] also, sailors like porn
[dj_doughy] I LIKE PR0N
[paul] alsoalso, the year I moved away from my hometown, another friend of mine was killed invading that same property
[paul] so I guess the lesson here for us all is that shipyards can be dangerous if you're committing criminal trespass

The shipyard mentioned isn't just a shipyard, it's also the dock for a company that ships large amounts of sand, salt, and other things. If you grew up where I did, you probably know exactly where I'm talking about.

Now you know something interesting about me (and my mom is probably like "oh holy shit" but hey, I'm older now, right? πŸ™‚ )

From last night's playings on the radio

Welcome to minicom 2.3                                                    
OPTIONS: I18n                                                             
Compiled on Feb 24 2008, 16:35:15.                                        
Port /dev/ttyUSB0                                                         
                 Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys                  
cmd:MONITOR  ON                                                           
cmd:N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:hello paul                                       
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:that's brilliant.  Easier than I expected            
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:here's what I see: KC8QAY>CQ:ksup                    
okay turned on local eN8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:Do you see CQ in all my text?  
I do not                                                                        
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:hello paul                                                 
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:hmm, you must be in APRS mode or something                 
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:wow, really, you see all that crap?                        
yes lol                                                                         
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:hmm, that's like APRS path or something I think            
  .            /\         .       .        :                                    
        .     /  \      .          .       :                                    
             /    \   .        .    *      :                                    
            /      \                 *     :                                    
            | (__) |   .    .       **     :                                    
     .     /| (oo) |\               **     :                                    
          / | /\/\ | \   .     .    *      :                                    
      .  /  |=|==|=|  \     .      *       :                                    
     . /    | |  | |    \  .               :                                    
      / USA | ~||~ |NASA \     .           :                                    
     |______|  ~~  |______|       .        :                                    
    .       (__||__)     .   .             :                                    
       .    /_\  /_\  .     .    .         :                                    
            !!!  !!!                       :                                    
  The cow that jumped over the moon.       :                                    
ascii art ftw                                                                   
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:laura's impressed                                          
guys its like IRC only more expensive to start doing                            
oh yes                                                                          
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:/me fails to perform an action                           
/me lol                                                                         
KC8WWP says hello                                                               
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:okay, so we can go connection based also                   
N8VI>APRS,RELAY,WIDE:will locate directions and transmit to you           

spam has been particularly heinous
psyduck:/home/paul# grep "result: Y" /var/log/mail.log|wc -l
I've rejected 21440 spams on my BACKUP MX so far today
oh my god

Point of reference: my employer's mail relays blocked 2,100 spams across all the servers combined, and they have more active mail accounts than I do. Something weird is happening.

Because everyone else did it

The Challenge:
– Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else
on your friends list has done.
– See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." If they have, you need to
add another! (2.b., 2.c., etc…)
– Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique
things they've done in their life.

1. Bought a house, and within 24 hours had 10+ people there cleaning firearms in its backyard, then blew up a watermelon using a dry ice bomb. Note by this point, I didn't even have appliances, or anything more than a bed and a couple of chairs. πŸ™‚ (okay, so this is joint with Becky but since she never posts I get to count this)

2. Got arrested by the FBI while traveling to the airport in a limo, then went into work the next (work) day, trying to play it off like nothing happened (not realizing my name was in pretty much every major newspaper in the nation, and was mentioned on every morning drive news program in Detroit). Needless to say: Awkward!

3. I was the IT guy for a NBA all star player straight out of high school.