Some of you have probably read this before, but click it. It's cool.

For people who are sick of Gentoo users….


Well, I'd have to say I'm really surprised my last message didn't provoke as much panic as it could have. I only got one message on AIM, and one comment. You all must be completely used to me and my weirdness

So yea, next time I take apart a toner unit for a fax machine, I'm gonna do it inside of a trashbag instead of in the tub. Toner and water don't mix. I tell myself this all the time, but who's reaching for the wet rag to wipe off toner? My punk ass, that's who.

Anyway, canyonero and I are having lots of fun. Clicky is fully working, down to the ringer generator circuits.

My asterisk system is functioning normally, and I just bought an IP phone to use with it. It'll be awesome if it works well.

I'll be reluctantly cutting the cord to vonage next month, but only because I've got a suitable replacement that costs me alot less per month and allows me to have even more fun than I should with phones. (see above line). Note for those considering to use them, I'd continue to do so, if I used enough long distance to make it worth my while.
Check out for some nice alternatives. I know people who know people there, and they're a cool company.

The coolest view ever is from the intersection of Giddin Rd and Harmon Rd in Auburn Hills. You can see the whole city from there at night. It's neato.

I'll be possibly back on the day shift next week. This should be interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

I did it.
The tub is a mess, it's spattered all over the place in there.
But everyone got what was coming for them, and the job got done.
I'm happy and ahead on the deal.


It's time to go away from here for a short time
Thank you all for being my friend, you rock!

noweb4u is alive and happy. w00t!

I was on my way to help someone with their computer yesterday, I pulled up to the corner of Elizabeth lake and Scott lake and look to my mapping software, and this comes up:

If I wasn't in a hurry, I would have had some fun with this guy, whoever he is. ๐Ÿ˜‰
That's the friendster testimonial is referring to. muhaha.

I'm tired. I hate insomnia, especially when people gotta keep buggin me when I'm trying to sleep.

I swear, my phone rings one more damn time, I'm ripping out the sim card and deepfrying it. mmm, zesty sim card…

All the vintage phone stuff in that gallery cost me a total of $6 yesterday.

And yes, the step by step phone system works, and makes kickass clicky noises, as any good switch should.

Yep, another jackass steals a locator device, this time an aircraft homing beacon…


August 26, 2003

Signal leads police to airport burglary suspect


Lucas Register never suspected the equipment he is accused of stealing
from an airport hangar last week would lead authorities right to his door.

But police allegedly followed a homing signal from the stolen
emergency locator transmitter right up to a closet door in his
Winchester apartment Saturday. He was arrested on suspicion of
second-degree burglary and first-degree theft. The 22-year-old is
charged with breaking into a hangar at the Roseburg Regional Airport
Friday night and taking the transmitter and other items, according to
a Roseburg Police Department press release.

"It's to allow us to find a downed aircraft," said Tom Hyers,
coordinator of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services Division of the
Douglas County Search and Rescue team. The radio team provides
communications support for search and rescue and other emergency
operations in the county, including plane crashes.

The device transmits a signal to a satellite receiver, which then
relays the transmitter's geographical coordinates to authorities at
Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Langley sent the information to
the Oregon Operations of Emergency Management Saturday, which notified
officials in Douglas County that a signal had been transmitting since
that morning.
More story in here