Driving around with and he starts revving his engine at a red light (noone around, he was trying to intimidate the light, i think)

Him: "Yea, it'd be cool if the light changed color because I revved my engine at it"
Me: "Yea, it'd be funny, turns grey or something fucked up like that."
Me: "Or even funnier if it started crying when you did that, maybe even crying blood"
Him: "Yea, turns out the light is the bastard child of Jesus Christ"


I removed a few people from my livejournal "Friends" list. I removed them either because their posts were uninteresting, or they were not posting at all for long periods of time, or for a myriad of reasons.

Realize that I do not use this list to reflect who is a friend or ally, and who is not. It's simply a bitmask representing both who has permission to view the private posts I don't want the general public to be privvy to, and who appears on my default friends view. Don't view it as a change of friendship or enemy status, simply that if you don't share your dirt, I won't share mine. Blackmail only works when it's bilateral.