The DSL saga continues

[sbc] "Your line is fine"
[paul] "well, yes. The problem occurs whenever it rains. Usually, I'm presuming, because there's boxes like that swinging open in the breeze. *points at cross connect box at the corner that is wide open and visible from the porch*"
[sbc] "Aww, god damnit. Has that been open all weekend?"
[paul] "yes, does my line go through that one in particular"
[sbc] "yep. I'm thinking I know why your connection was bad now." *visibly angry*
[paul] "All weekend I was getting 11dB SNR on the line, and had 22% packet loss.
[sbc] "I just tested you with 27dB SNR."
[paul] "Yea, it stopped raining last night."