Well, I'm back in DTW. Had a strange, but alltogether alright weekend.
Got to 's place, we did the work thing earlier that day. We chased someone down all weekend to get him his new Telco butt-set and he finally got it, so I got the one that was payment for the cablemodem I sold him. w00.
We hacked a wlan in GH to hit yahoo peoplesearch, and one of my old friends in GH almost hit a car headon right in front of me. What a dumbass. :->
Then I end up sleeping at 's house after attempting to find my family. At the last minute, I found my mom and had dinner with my grandparents. The easter bunny left me candy and a bit of scrilla. wooo. Then I got back, finally finds the guy and we get the butt-set, return his broken air bed, get a TON of pop, and pick up and head home.

The debacle is over…

I've said screw amertitech. I contacted their executive offices, and they refused to recognise my faithful payment history. Fuck them. They now lose twice. Once because they could have won back my POTS line, and then sold me DSL. Screw it, they get neither. I hope they're happy.
I found a new ISDN provder that sells dedicated 128k ISDN for $50 a month, I'm happy now.

I'm fucked.

To get DSL via ameritech, which apparently my neighbor has (they have 768 ADSL) I had to have my phone back with ameritech instead of MCI local. Since I really don't care one way or the other if I can get DSL, I said fine, and was transferred to the winback department.
The winback department said my credit record was good enough to establish the line. However, my credit wasn't good enough to establish DSL. Without DSL there is no point in switching over the service. So I said "forget it". They said "well, you can get DSL after you show 6 months of paying the bill on time." I said "I have an ISDN line at this residence I've had for about 8 months now" "well, we can't place DSL on the ISDN line" "It doesn't matter, I mean, I have paid the bills on time, can you use that to show I pay bills in good faith?" "no" "Fine then, fuck it. Don't switch it. Bye."

Anyway, the axe is looming. Hope I can get something before it's too late, otherwise I have to do 3 line shotgun 56k.

And with that, we don't get DSL… Not even IDSL.

2002-03-27 11:18 AM This order is going to be cancelled by Covad. The decibel loss is too great for the circuit to work, but too small for Ameritech to install a repeater.

2002-03-27 07:31 AM Manual type
Per the ebta notes this order will be cancelled the db loss is not within range to add repeater.

Covad Service Delivery
2002-03-26 12:37 PM I have requested that Covad provide an update regarding the open ILEC Trouble Ticket and I will continue to monitor this order until an update is given.

The finished pictures, including all my sexy equipment, are at the above url. It looks very cool. Must see.

It's holding all the equipment quite well. If only I could find the adapter for the NOAA weatherradio, I'd be on cloud 9 right now. ๐Ÿ™‚