Yea, so it's lookin like I have Pink Eye. Yay. First appendicitis, and now pink eye. I feel like I'm the character in some 1950's sitcom. What's next, polio?

Ugh, I'm going into work to do some important shit anyway, but I'm informing people to keep their distance, and hand me things by setting them in front of me and letting me pick them up. I don't wish this upon my enemy. Well, actually, it's kinda pussy, so I _DO_ wish this on my enemies. Hey, enemy, rub this cotton swab on your eyeball.

Hopefully I can do this without interfering with my new years plans. It's my freakin birthday tomorrow, I at least want to enjoy it.

I just upgraded the processor in mainframe from a single Pentium II 450 to dual Pentium III (Katmai) 600's, compliments of (well, I'm gonna be paying for them, but they're rare, and they're a perfect matched pair, and I'm getting them at a deal.)
I <3 my Compaq Proliant 1600R. The board can support anything from a P2 400 to a P3 600. How awesome. Anyway, my only gripe is i lost my copy of Compaq SmartStart, and I don't feel like going to the office to grab another copy from there (we have boxes full of them). I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow before my system notices that the processors are 600, not 450. So yes, now the machine thinks the processors are dual 450. That will all change, tomorrow, of course. Even so, it's still faster because of the faster floating point and the addition of SSE instructions. 🙂

I did a test online of what personality type i seem to be. I seem to have alot of the aspects of INTP, but I have alot of the characteristics of the Feeling (INFP) as well. I think it's a pretty good mix, and I know when to seek harmony and be sensitive to people's needs, but at the same time I know when to ignore both and just get shit done how it needs to be. :->
is where I did the thingie.

I just figure some people might find it interesting.

Christmas 0wned. I'm home now.
Pictures at:

I'm about 10 seconds away from filling my face with zesty twirls. What a beautiful morning.