How stoked am I right now?
I just found out that when you search google for "CLLI Code", my telco site is the second listing.
This places its relevance just lower than that of the definition of the term (Common Language Location Identifer Code – it's used in the telecommunications industry to create a globally unique name for a device), and places its relevance higher than the company that actually assigns them.

Besides that, I am actually recieving, on average, about an email a day relating to my site. I also found a thread on a message board where people discuss my site

Amazing what something you created for the heck of it one day when you were bored can turn up to be. I even recieve phone calls related to the site. People calling and asking me stuff about the listings, or about what various terms mean. It's sooooo weird. :->


Subject: [ Speakeasy ] Speakeasy Install Dates 234234223
Return-Path: spkdsl@speakeasy.net
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 30 Jul 2002 21:21:33.0251 (UTC) FILETIME=[1416F930:01C2380F]

Hello Paul,

Your circuit, order 234234, has been successfully
delivered and tested with your local telephone company, and you
have been scheduled for an installation. You have the ability to
check on your order status by logging in to MySpeakeasy:


Your Covad Installation Date and time is:

08/02/2002 8:00am – 12:00pm

This is when our vendor will bring the modem or router, turn on
your circuit, and connect your phone wiring to your installation
address. It is very important that you are at the installation address
for the installation date. If there is no one available to allow
access to your residence, there will be a $150.00 Missed Appointment
Fee to your Bill Account.



On the upside, I've been feeling really good this afternoon. Almost happy, even.
will be here in about half an hour to help me move some stuff, and this weekend, I'm breaking shit at 's place. w00t!

Oh, and zer0, remeber how we were trying to figure out where this quote comes from? Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore.

The quote is from the Movie, "Happy Gilmore" where Adam Sandler is at the miniature golfing place learning how to put. One of the obstacles is a plastic clown whose mouth blocks the hole and the clown is laughing at Happy because he keeps missing the shot. So Happy finally explodes and hits the clown with his golf club, screaming, "You're gonna die clown!"

"You think that's funny, I don't hear you laughing now!!"