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just ordered something over my phone via your WAP site today, and I was a bit disappointed with my experience today. I was poking around on my Nextel and decided to check out on my cell phone. I was looking at the 8 mile soundtracks, and I added one to my basket. I go to checkout, expecting to get a list of shipping options, and addresses on my account. Nope. I'm greeted with a message saying it's already been billed to my card, and being shipped. Now, I understand the issues with building a wap site, but even a simple "This will cause the order to be billed to your 1 click information and sent to the listed address, are you sure?" would be better than just doing it. That made me uncomfortable. I'll probably not order things on my phone again. Then I call the 800 number to see how it was shipped, and if my 1 click iinformation was accurate. I call, and it answers almost immediately, butthe CSR was very unhelpful, didn't seem to know what he was doing, or what was asking, and told me lies to get off the phone, specifically that my order was in progress, and it couldn't be changed, when I found it was going to my previous address. So, I then have to dig out my laptop, and data cable, and connect at 9600 bps to change my order so that I didn't waste time and money. This is when I find out that most of your important buttons don't contain ALT tags, and that I have serious problems navigating, as at 9600 bps, most of the graphics don't load, not surprisingly. I had to use visual cues as to what the buttons might say. At least I can do that, I have no idea how a blind person with screenreader software would use the site without ALT tags. Obviously it wouldn't matter to the majority of your customers, but it's a simple thing to add, and it's a great way to help those on slower connections, or to help the visually impaired.

I've published this on my website and LiveJournal too. I'm sure others will agree with what I have to say. πŸ™‚
A normally satisfied amazon customer,
-Paul Timmins

Having a good time hanging out with the family. Seen the James Bond movie tonight. It was the first one I've ever sat though. Not bad.

Anyway, I just learned my lesson about playing with my cellphone wireless web while on the potty. I was on's WAP site, and looking at the 8 mile soundtrack, and I put it in my shopping cart, or so I thought. I guess all the phone stuff is one click ordering, because it said "Your order has been processed and will be sent to your 1-click mailing address".
I'm like ahh well, he's a cool singer, I can support my piracy of his albums by paying for a few every once in a while. So I tried to see if I could change the shipping option. Nope, standard shipping. $2 something, again, no big deal.
I call amazon to verify that my 1-click address is correct, since I never use 1-click. It's not. It's sent to the old apartment. "Can I change it?" Nope. The order has entered the shipping process. Sometimes things are a little too speedy. Now I have an album I didn't mean to order, going somewhere I don't live. They said I can get a refund if the shipper bounces it back, but it's like ugh. I think I'm just gonna stop by on the expected delivery days and see if they leave it there on the doorstep.
Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll USPS it to me, and mail forwarding will take effect.
Even better, I find out the punk ass CSR lied to me. It wasn't currently being shipped. I had the privlege of logging on via circuit switched data (9600 baud forever, baby! w00t!) and updating my order and future preferences via a 9600bps wireless connection. How freakin special. Thanks,

Note to self. Stick to and mobile aim, punk.

I've been in pain all tonight. Dunno if I overate, or if it's because I kept leaning back during the movie, but it's coming through the painkillers every once in a while. Sucky. It's not unbearable though, so I'm cool. w00t!

I learned a few things tonight:

  • When I ask my dad if there's anything weird about his car I should know about before I drive it, note to self that he doesn't consider the brake light staying on all the time weird, nor does he consider the battery light occasionally flickering being weird either. If it doesn't fall apart while you're driving it, you didn't see nothin. It works okay.
  • Don't play with while on the potty. No good can come of this.
  • Trying to be flexible after an appendectomy is bad. No. Bad Paul.
  • Family is leet.


(12:54:27) xxxxxxxx: saturday i travel to france
(12:54:34) noweb4u2: have lots of fun there
(12:54:35) noweb4u2: heh
(12:55:03) xxxxxxxx: it does step on the thanksgiving weekend
(12:55:04) noweb4u2: my french teacher said they eat snails there. Watch out dude.
(12:55:19) noweb4u2: god knows what else they're up to with that whole "we eat snails" thing
(12:55:48) noweb4u2: yea, I'm doing the whole "I'm going to my parents for like 5 days" thing.
(12:55:54) xxxxxxxx: if you cover them up with butter and garlic they aren't bad
(12:55:58) noweb4u2: gross
(12:56:20) noweb4u2: is is some kind of weird macho thing over there to see who can eat the grossest food?
(12:56:28) xxxxxxxx: yeah
(12:56:38) noweb4u2: I mean with names like bruno, you gotta think it's about machoness overthere
(12:57:05) noweb4u2: "hey, bruno, gonna eat that snail?" "I'll arm wresle ya for it"
(12:58:11) xxxxxxxx: maybe even a sword fight
(12:58:20) noweb4u2: yea, for real…
(12:58:34) noweb4u2: prolly why they capitalize their last name too
(12:58:46) xxxxxxxx: YEAH

oops, forgot to update this site for the last few days. I'm really enjoying this whole "being out of the hospital" thing. It's great. I got home Tuesday at 4pm.
It's hard to explain most of my life lately without being "too much information" – way sucky. πŸ˜‰
I don't know if I can make my goal of trying to do basic driving tomorrow. I might try, carefully.

One thing's for sure, I really like these pain pills they gave me. They make me feel all good. πŸ˜‰

Tonight is the big "lets see what kind of spicy food Paul can successfully eat" night. w00t!

Yea, so anyway, I'm doing well, things are just going a bit slower than I hoped. I should still be ready to make the trek to my parents on Wednesday though. That'll be cool.

Anyway, stopped by to see me and Becky with his "Child Molester Mobile", looks like something straight out of an after school special. It's got 4 wheels and moves unassisted though, so it's all good. Had a great time during the visit just catching up on shit. Found out alot of the people who were once part of my life are still doing the SSDD thing, even though they desperately need to get away from it all. Some good news about a few of them, but overall I'm not incredibly impressed. I don't know why I continue to care, I just do. :-/

Wow, look at me babbling along. Sorry to raise the S/N ratio of your LiveJournal, folks. πŸ˜‰

Update: LiveJournal readers can ignore the actions of my mood icon, as obviously I'm not in enough pain to be doing -that-. It's the pain pills. Just thought I'd make that as blatently obvious as it should be.

Hello, everyone. It's actually me this time. w00t.

Thanks for the outpouring of support, I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

I'm alive. I have internet access, but I'm still in the hospital.

I guess some dude from my work was drilling my home phone today trying to get me to do some shit for him, but I also hear he got the message when told him I was in the hospital.

Anyway, I'm tired, and on dialup, so I'll be disconnecting shortly. If you see me on aim on noweb4ulaptop, that's me. Say hi or something.

I hear if all goes well, I get to leave tomorrow morning. ROCK!

OK paul did good last night, was going to post but was way too tired when I got home
the operation ended at about 5pm yesterday, around 3 hours… everything looks like its ok, i talked to him this morning and he said he was actually walking around.

If anyone wants to give paul a call the number to his room is 248-338-5177

Well its adam again, we are still waiting to hear whats going on, pauls been in sience 2… he looked horrible going in, and that was before he was doped up… we are hoping to know within an hour or so before we start to get *too* worried… if anyone wants to come down and see us/paul, we are in the POH, in Pontiac MI, the HUGE like 2 block hospital by Pontiac Main (big big building with horns on the top)…. we are in the main building, 3rd floor, when you get off the elevators take a right, in the waiting room at end of the hall, theres a parking structure you can park in right next door…

theres also food upstairs, huge cafiteria and very reasonable prices… i'd be cool if at least one more person came down here besides me and becky :]