My car was handling funny leaving the work parking lot today.

I pulled into the gas station across the street, and went to check my front tire pressure on my passenger side. I suddenly saw the issue.

Hiding behind the plastic hubcap on the van was a fist sized dent in my rim. I was going about 15-20 mph the day of the storm pulling into an empty michigan left, started hitting the breaks right as I entered, slid through the entire deceleration lane, and hit the curb sideways going about 10 mph.

Didn't think it caused any damage at the time, especially since my tire was holding air just fine. But the rim's bent all to hell, no idea how it's managed to keep any air in it, let alone staying full like it did.

Anyone got a spare rim for a 98 plymouth grand voyager? Was hoping to keep this rustbucket til my annual review/bonus/payraise in June. :-/

Guess I'll have to hit up the wheel and tire shop run by one of our investors and see if I can get a discount on a new rim – they do repair but there's no way in hell you can repair this. Doesn't take a rim expert to see that.