A few things worth saying yay about!

+ I replaced my Palm Z22 with a Palm T|X that was on sale at a closing compusa. Got 30% off on it. It's everything I wish my previous palm based PDAs were, and more. awesome.

+ In the last year, I've raised my net worth by $20,000. It's still negative mind you, but a lot less negative.

+ I no longer owe the IRS any money. In fact, they owe me $75 because I overpaid them. At one time, closer to 2002 or so, I owed them as much as $7,000. This has been a source of continuous drama for the better part of this decade. And it's finally fucking done.

+ Things are going quite excellently at work.

+ Things are going excellently in the 1+1=2 relationship scenario, even though 1+1=3 didn't pan out. We get to try again for 1+1=3 in a couple of months when the high risk specialist gives us the thumbs up. Until then, we shall practice diligently so we do it right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have been there….

Anyway, telcodata.us has updated to have a new site layout scheme, and most of it has migrated to perl properly. Mad props to itszer0 for doing it.

If it breaks, blame it on him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ignignokt is back up.

I'm likely migrating it this weekend to the new server. This will of course cause additional downtime but it should be minimal (and deliberate!)

Ignignokt crashed again. I know it's down and won't be able to do anything about it until tomorrow afternoon more than likely.

Yay for flaky ass hardware. Yay for overloading the powersupply at least twofold, while not providing proper heat dissipation.


I really need to get that migrated to the new machine. But I'm too damn busy and have been spending my free time trying not to get burned out.

Biohazardous underwear? I guess….

We're out, Becky's fine. Yay!

The internet may be made of tubes, but Becky is just now made of tube. Not a real hinderance per se, but N+1 redundancy is gone now.