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You are here, most likely, because you clicked on a link in an app I wrote or support.

My LLC, Timmins Technologies, LLC is not a massive multinational corporation. Work on it is primarily (but not exclusively) done by me. If you need support, or have questions about a product or a bill, read below.

  • Android Applications
    • Applications on the Android Market are supported via e-mail. Please email me at with your requests.
    • Known issues:
      • Who was that: The source code for this early PhoneGap based application was largely lost when Adobe removed their build service. I had server issues that caused it to go down for a while. It should be back. And yeah, I'm re-writing it as a native app as time allows.
  • Pebble Smartwatch
    • Application issues for Pebble apps are supported via e-mail. Please email with your requests.
    • Known Issues:
      • Ingress Resistance/Enlightened Cycle Time: On aplite (Original black and white models, Pebble Steel) the watch face will crash very sporadically when updating the timezone offset in NVRAM on the watch. This is an SDK issue I haven't been able to work around beside avoiding the write as much as I can. Pebble Time (color) does not have this limitation.
      • Unrelated to the apps themselves: For what it's worth, while I am a diehard member of the Resistance faction, the codebase is nearly identical. You can feel free to check me. Resistance GitHub / Enlightened GitHub. I strongly focus on winning ops by outplaying people, not by misinforming them or cheating. If you run into an issue or have concerns, please let me know immediately. My IGN is @noweb4u and I have open hangout invites, My G+ Profile is here. I religiously collect proof-no-spoof but it will generally only be shared with a member of my own faction I trust, or Niantic.
      • This telecommunications database is supported by emailing . While I do accept calls regarding payment questions and occasional requests on my cell phone, I generally do not support the site via the phone and will likely ask you to email details to . If I haven't responded to you in a day or two, feel free to call me at +1-248-379-7826. This is my personal cell phone, and I am likely to answer unrecognized numbers with a great deal of suspicion.
    • Timmins Technologies, LLC Long Distance / VoIP services
      • These are supported by emailing or calling my cell at +1-248-379-7826 or via the original contact methods you used to get access to begin with. G+ hangouts, IRC, and Facebook Messenger are acceptable contact methods for these services in addition to the ones above provided you have adequate mutual access to the services.

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