So western digital decided to send me a customer satisfaction survey…

After my hard disk debacle, where I've been trying for about a week to get the failed drive replaced (read: even showing up as having a warranty on their website)

The following is the completed survey. I had to reformat it to show it here.

1. Please rate the representative with whom you interacted across the traits below in your last contact with WD.
Courtesy (Very Satisfied)
Knowledge (Satisfied)
Support (Very Dissatisfied)
Satisfaction (Very Dissatisfied)

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This process is assinine, and i'd rather bash myself in the face with a hammer than go through it again. I've wasted a week or more trying to get my product RMAed, and finally only because microcenter has good records do i have a valid warranty on my drive. The entire process seemed like pulling teeth, and inspired a great deal of doubt on my plan to buy a retail drive with a 3 year warranty when i have to waste considerable time and deal with an assinine trouble ticket system that forgets my email address every few hours.

And I have wisdom teeth coming in, and pulling those would be a welcome release from pain. I just want to be clear that when I am talking about pulling teeth, I mean good, healthy ones that cause no issue. I don't want to imply that when I'm done, there's a good feeling. After getting the warranty activated, the system would repeatedly malfunction trying to create an advanced RMA. I guess I'll be seeing my hard disk sometime next month at this rate.

The employee was useful, but the whole process was unnecessary. I have no idea why western digital wouldn't at least honor the drive's warranty based on its date of manufacture to speed things along, that would have been fine with me since it was only 1 month between its date of manufacture and date of sale.

2. How likely are you to recommend this product to your friends, colleagues, or family?

3. How much effort did you personally have to put forth to handle your request?

(Very High)

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Your website was worthless in ascertaining the actual cause of the issue. Only a vague statement that implied that the data may be incorrect and I have the opportunity to correct it was the only clue that something could be done about the situation. If you're not going to honor warranties because someone didn't register the sale, then come out and say "no record of drive being sold, please contact us to confirm" or something like that. Don't simply say the drive can't be returned under warranty. I'm sure there's some attorney general around somewhere salivating at the thought of something that retarded and misleading.

4. If you had tried to resolve your question prior to speaking to a live agent or sending us an email, how easy or difficult was it to use the features below? Please select N/A if it's not applicable.

Support website (Very Difficult)

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Support website was useless, it mentioned various procedures but didn't imply that I actually had to undergo it for western digital to honor the warranty they sold it with and that this was a routine thing.

5. Did you attempt to handle your request through self-service (via our website) before contacting us directly?

6. Please rate the product you contacted us about based on the attributes below.
Ease of Use (Very Satisfied)
Reliability (Very Dissatisfied)
Documentation (Very Satisfied)
Design and Appearance (Very Satisfied)
Price (Very Satisfied)

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Damn thing died in a month of having it. What more can I say regarding reliability?

Otherwise, it's a great drive.

7. Would you like to be notified on news and updates related to WD products?

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Why this entire process took over a week is mystifying. You'd think the rep's first response would be something like "hey, we don't see any record of that drive being sold. Can you score us a reciept to confirm it? Thanks!" instead of some strange canned response telling me the same shit that's on the website.

Compact flash as a hard drive – it works acceptably, i plan on going back to the real hard disk though. The write speed is killer, causes lags sometimes. The reads are just peachy though.

With the help of friends, we swapped out my oil sensor, and on top of that i changed the oil in my van and finally replaced the old ass air filter. it's a completely new van, I swear. It doesn't light up the oil light when you're driving with a warm engine and slow down to an idle either.

Not a good sign when you pull the electrical connector off the oil sensor, and oil comes running out of the connector socket. That's not supposed to be there!?!?!?! Glad we got it fixed!

In related news, I want one of these:

I need to do something about my wisdom teeth. It's about that time.


So on the 7th my laptop's hard drive blew up, started having massive failures on various sectors. These days my laptop is basically the only computer I use, and all my small amounts of computer money I have to play with have been directed in its general direction, rather than any other computer that would otherwise be working if it weren't (I spend far less on computers than one might think).

So finally today I picked up a 6GB compact flash while I'm working through western digital's stupid red tape to get my 1.5 month old, purchased retail drive with a 3 year warranty replaced.

It works as a hard drive but sucks when doing heavy writing, like installing software. But the read times are good and I'm thinking if the battery benefits are high enough I may simply roll with this and put the big drive in an enclosure and carry it in my backpack of doom. I'll have to see how I adjust to this. I don't listen to mp3s on this machine, or watch movies, it's basically a web browser with terminals and an IRC client, so 6GB might be all I need when I'm not messing with my digital photos, which I can just whip out the external drive to do.

The kid's in good condition, we're both pretty pleased about that.

Some dickhead hit my cousin's future father in law with a car, and ran off like a coward and left him to die. He ended up bleeding out due to having his hip bone crushed. That's fucked up and angers me.

Work's awesome.

We're doing okay on the grief front w/r/t Becky's mom. Thanks to those who sent flowers, etc, and thanks to those who didn't (we only have room for a few vases, as we're busy taking in stuff from mom's and sorting through it). We appreciate the support we've received from everyone. Thanks!

On March 31, at 10:00pm exactly, Becky's Mom passed away. We spent the 26th to the 1st in West Michigan spending all our time at the Holland Hospice. I don't know if any of you have spent time watching family members die, but it's not the best process in the world, as one would expect. You get interesting materials that basically describe the exact step by step process that a person goes through while in the process of dying. It's kinda surreal. I'll have to post that stuff sometime.

Anyway, obviously it was a sad time. We're doing okay, generally having a week to prepare yourself for the moment makes it a lot easier to come to terms with and cope. It doesn't take away the pain but that's to be expected. We'll miss you, mom.