Voters Registration, Telcodata by Phone, Car crap

If you're in the state of Michigan, you should click here to verify your voters registration information is correct.
If it is not, proceed to the Secretary of State office and correct it, or bring your proper voters registration card to the polls. You have until October 2 to register.

In other news, I've got a beta version of "Telcodata by phone" going at 248-724-DATA. It's free, so have fun. There's also an open conference bridge at 248-724-2600 to play with for any purpose, any time. Let me know if you have ideas for improvement, or find any issues. You can email me at, or just comment to this post.

And , your shipment goes in the mail tonight.

And today, I ran out of gas and got pulled over twice for an out headlight and a loud muffler. ugh. Some days are better than others.

As of 00:59 livejournal is stupidly broken in incredibly cool ways.


I've made an NMU (Non Maintainer Upload) version of drivel (a linux livejournal client for gnome by ) to bring your debian testing or unstable system to 1.2.0. It's available here:
If you don't know what this is, don't worry about it. I've updated Debian bug 229090 with the information the maintainer needs to make it happen in the distro, so hopefully sarge will be able to go out with a recent version.

I only had to make minor changes to package it, least of which being that scrollkeeper-update was being run in 'make install' in the package tree, causing bizarre scrollkeeper stuff to litter the package in strange directories. It's supposed to be run during configuration in postinst of the package.
The other change is to recreate livejournal.xpm as a 32×32 pixel icon. Debian needs an xpm for the "Debian" systemwide menus in X. It's a cosmetic thing.

I wish was included in the tarball, it would have saved me a needless CVS pull. 🙂