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William came home on Tues, Oct 6. We had a few friends over and had our first meal at home as a family as well as our first ordinary taco night. Good times were had all around.

I don't have much to say. We're not sleeping much!

Here's some pictures you'll all enjoy behind the cut!

I apologize, livejournal!

I've been totally playing around behind your back with that evil temptress, facebook, and failed to update you all on the happenings as a result. The good news is, all the pics are not locked away in some wonderful web 2.0 place, but rather on my very nice gallery, so you don't have to have facebook to play.

Billy was placed in the NICU immediately after birth. He was grunting while breathing and hyperventilating. He was under a tent at 30% oxygen for a while, they backed him down to room air, and got his tent off for a little bit. He wasn't really sleeping though and began to slip a bit, so they put him back under the tent, and he finally got some rest. He slept for the better part of a day or so, he's still a pretty groggy little guy.

Once he was under the tent for a while, they decided we could do some kangaroo care for 15 minutes on a nasal cannula.

More pictures here:

He's made a great deal of progress quickly, and last night they moved him to nasal cannula full time so we can hold him as often as we want, and he can try feeding whenever he wants. He hasn't had his first taste of milk yet but he'll get it soon enough. Mom's been pumping away furiously to get things primed and he'll be feeding before we know it.

Last night the doctors said he should be going home in "a few days" which was the first statement we've gotten in english, rather than their moonman NICU language where they can talk for 20 minutes without giving you even a ballpark estimate of how long he'll stay (is it days? Weeks? Months?). I swear these guys got this talent from lawyers (ask one if something's illegal to do sometime, you'll see what I mean, after you've paid for an hour of their time and left still not knowing if it's illegal or not). It may be no coincidence that most of these nurses went to med schools that were also law schools. 🙂

So hooray for small victories. Becky is being released today. It'll be nice to sleep in my own bed for the first time but it will suck to go without the little one.