It's been kinda un-kickass around lately

* Becky's mom has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she has days, maybe weeks (doubt it) to live. We got her into hospice and have started to make final arrangements.

* While on the way to the hospital, the UPS failed at work. No network disruption happened but the issue did affect a few colo customers, albeit for a short period of time. πŸ™

* When I got to the hospital, I tore my pants wide open in the ass when I sat down next to becky's mom's bed.

* When I was working today, I upgraded a copy of Adobe Acrobat standard 9.0 (not the reader) on our provisioner's computer and the fucker started on fire, confined to a short puff of smoke coming out of the power supply, which was too hot to touch for several minutes afterward.

It's not been our finest weekend…. Hoping things look up from here.

it's been kinda kickass around lately

* 1+1=3 = Successfully in progress

* At work, we're going gangbusters. It's really a blessing to work somewhere where I know there's a job waiting for me in the morning every day. I wish I could hire all of you. πŸ™‚ (well, maybe not ALL of you, heh)

* My APRS IGate is running strong. I just got a bunch of copper pipe to make a jpole for the dedicated igate hardware so I can return my expensive ham radio to normal use rather than a really, really nice 2 meter radio. πŸ™‚

* My car sucks but still works just fine. My TM-D700A is working great with the new power supply for the GPS that Dan M sent me last year and I finally hacked in the last month.

* I finally got the tiles i tore off the ceiling in the basement the day we moved in cleaned up. That was harder work than it looked, and required a respirator due to all the dust. It only took 2.5 years. Go me! Yay!

* I finally got the Tripplite RMA back. Thanks to Becky for finally shipping the goddamn thing out for me, after 6 months of me procrastinating. Thanks also to Tripplite for being pretty chill about the fact I RMAed a product, and took 6 months to ship the damn thing.

* It's been a great run recently. I'm hoping desperately it continues.

Summer's coming up guys – we should have a cookout or some shit. Am I right?