So that's how he does it (also, happy birthday, Billy!)


So billy tends to spend too much time watching YouTube videos. I removed the shortcut on his home menu to YouTube, but somehow he was always ending up opening YouTube and watching angry birds related videos. I haven't wanted to simply remove YouTube entirely, as an occasional video is okay or sometimes even beneficial, but I just wanted to decrease the frequency.

Today I finally saw how how he was getting to angry birds videos so easily. He starts angry birds space, hits some button in the game to view their privacy policy, which opens a web browser. From there, he hits the YouTube social network logo thing in the upper right hand corner, and it asks if he wanted to view it in the browser, or the YouTube app. He fires it up, and starts off from rovio's channel.

He figured this out at just over 2 and a half. He turns 3 today! It's why we call him our little hacker. Hah.

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Billy in school

So Billy has had a diagnosis of "Severe speech delay", and "severe auditory processing delay" for about a year now. We have had him in private speech therapy through Beaumont.

We heard about "early on" (Michigan's IDEA part C early intervention coordinator) through a friend, and talked with them this summer. We set up a meeting for an evaluation on the first week school opened. It was pretty awesome. Several professionals played with him while collecting data about what he can and can't do (or won't do).

He now has a few new labels, none of which comes at a surprise, we suspect he has some form of autism (which they are observing, he meets the criteria). They have admitted him to the early childhood preschool program, with speech, occupational, and physical therapy, provided by the public school system free of charge (speech therapy cost us roughly $160-$200 a month after insurance, so this is a big deal for us). I'll probably write more about that later.

But in the meantime, here's a picture of billy on his first day of school. 🙂


"We have located approximately 2,170 pages and 3 videos or other media which are potentially responsive to your request"

So I did a big dump of Privacy Act requests to the various parts of government that seem interesting. The DHS, ICE, TSA, and Customs and Border Patrol, the US Postal Service, the FBI, and US Marshals service.

Of the agencies that responded, only the USMS and FBI had anything on me (which I kind of expected). The USMS sent me a packet of information, mostly biographical, detailing my arrest record specifically related to the 2003 Lowes case, and some really grainy mugshots and fingerprints. I'll admit, it was mostly just information I gave them as a condition of bond and probation, so it wasn't that interesting.

I thought the FBI was ignoring me. They didn't respond to my requests for status. Then, on August 15 (almost 2 months after I submitted the request), I finally received a response by postal mail.


"We have located approximately 2,170 pages and 3 videos or other media which are potentially responsive to your request. Per US DOJ regulations, .. there is a duplication fee of ten cents per page if you receive a paper copy. Releases are also available on CD upon request. Each CD contains approximately 500 pages per release. ..You will owe $252 for a paper copy with the 3 media CDs, or $95 (7 CDs at $15.00 less $10) to receive the release on CD. The actual charges could be less."

They go on to say I may reduce the scope of my request (which was simply for any record pertaining to me, and my social security number was given) and warn that I'll be in a medium queue because my request is 500-2500 pages.

Obviously, $95 is a great deal to learn that much about yourself. *I* couldn't write 2,170 pages about myself, so what they have should be pretty interesting.