Warning to those of you who might DC me this week – I'll be in Santa Barbara, CA from 8:30am today until 9:30pm Friday.
if you're not in the blue area you're gonna get hit with nationwide charges.
Note that defcon is in the same market as LA. If you kiddies are going, and get there before noon on friday, better say hello while it's still local.

CheckFree is gonna fucking die.
Double billed $373.90 for my Detroit Edison bill.

Current balance: -($150.29)

I'm gonna fucking kill.
It'll be just like this:

Yea, I know there's a finger in the lens and a smudge, but it's still a great photo.


Reason 0xFFFFFFFF not to use Windows:
Integer overflows in the MIDI parser.
Get 0wned while the webpage plays stupid background music.