Regarding my transmission

This is (part of) what caused my transmission to require repair recently.

The first thing on the left is what one of the bearings was supposed to look like, more or less.

The middle thing is what one of the bearings did look like. This bearing went between two critical gears (not that there are extra, unnecessary gears or anything, but these ones were large and .. well, monstrously fucked by this bearing failing, among other things.)

The gear on the right is as you can clearly see, missing a few teeth. In this blurry picture you can see another gear assembly with lots of missing teeth here.

Anyway so that's the story. They had a whole box of fucked up gears, these are the ones I decided to take because they were the most obviously fucked.

I'm pretty impressed by the way machines destroy themselves if left unchecked. Things like this facinate me and I don't know why. πŸ™‚

Here's video I took the other day of the monkeys line (248-228-3273) with a real TDD so it shows that the TDD stuff says EXACTLY what you would expect it to. πŸ™‚

we erected my wireless network APs on the roof tonight. 500mw @ 15db gain, 33 degree sector antennas.

They have penetration into a livingroom in a house 1100 feet away by air. The only reason their card can't connect is because it's transmitter stage is too weak.

There is now an approximately 1/4 mile radius around my house with free intarwebs if they want it, with native ipv6 connectivity.

I think my neighbors might just barely start to get an inkling of what is up when they eventually see those. When they see the other two APs and the dual polarized 2 meter beams I'm putting up later this spring/summer they're going to know for sure what's up.

But hammerdrill met my masonry and my house is now officially broken in with it's first major mod, at least if you don't count the nearly two grand I sunk into an electrician last year to basically overhaul this place.

Also another Paul Timmins first:

I did warroofing, which is using roof mounted access points to search for nearby open wireless networks. I found 38 of them from the site survey app on the two panel antennas mounted on my roof.

points out that there is now graphics to go with my post from 2002 regarding ludacris' "Area codes".( ).

The graphic is here:

Hoes in various area codes
(I did not create this graphic)

Anyway, I just wanted to bring that to your attention. Still no commentary or affirmative defense from ludacris.

I'll be impressed when he has hoes in at least every state (and multiples in 801 don't count to the total, because that's commonplace there)

All this hurry up and wait at work is driving me fucking crazy.

Things are about to get really interesting.

Also, yesterday we hit the bottom of the repair queue, there was nothing broken. Today everything we had was pending close. (no trouble found or came clean during testing). Hooray for 100% of the advanced services customer base being trouble free for an extended period of time. Hard to do when there's so much shitty copper out there. At least the worst of it is getting stolen by crack fiend junkies and thus has to be replaced with shiny new stuff.

saving energy

I'm looking for good ideas on ways to save energy or generate energy at my house that are easily doable.

I've got new windows, all my appliances but my heater/ac are brand new and either have the energystar logo or are otherwise energy efficient.

It's not about carbon impact, it's about saving on energy costs.

Any ideas?