From time to time, people try to argue with me, and try and convince me that OpenBSD is a serious OS, one that I should waste my time administering. Okay, so it's got some credibility, sure. But does it have a good way to manage lots of machines? I'm not talking 5 or 6, I'm talking "Please expect a shipment of 74 servers next week" to add to a currently running datacenter. I'm talking paying for electricity by how many 20A circuits you use, and getting bandwidth 95th percentile.

Before you answer, the right answer is: Hell no.

I found more fuel to add to the "OpenBSD is the most unprofessional UNIX I've ever seen" department.

In my life, I tried OpenBSD. I really did. I fed it the best hardware I had. I gave it a decent shot.
It blew up in my face.

So, in the context of giving it a shot, I file a serious, well written bug report.

Bug reports