Business Trip

I'll be in the San Francisco Bay area from the evening of Tuesday, 30 November, to Sunday, 5 December, around 3pm.

I may or may not have independent transportation. It depends.

Recommendations on places in SFO that rent to us kids under 25 but over 21 would be gratefully accepted. It's looking like Enterprise rental is going to be the ticket for me, but with a $80 surcharge because I'm "only" 23, it doesn't sound very cool.

And I'll have my cell with me if any of you happen to be in the area. +1-248-379-7826



Sorry about your eyes…
What that said was:

Hey everyone I wrote a bit of obsfucated perl that translates even the best written prose into something that blends in more with the average livejournal post
Remember, if you need any custom perl programming, my contact information is in my userinfo


while($_=uc <STDIN>){$_=~s/S /Z /g;$_=~s/\s*([A-Z,0-9]+)\s*/~x$1x~/g;$_=~s/E/3/g;$_s=~s/I/1/g;$_=~s/$/!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone/;print $_; };

(The next program reverses the effect)
while($_=<STDIN>){$_=~s/!+1+oneoneone//g;$_=~s/~x([A-Z,0-9]+)x~/ $1 /g;$_=~s/Z /S /g;$_=~s/3/E/g;$_s=~s/1/I/g;print lc $_; };

Broadband Over Power Lines is the new big thing, but a Platt’s study shows that even consumers might not be interested unless it is offered to them at dirt cheap prices. “Nearly one-quarter of residential customers in our survey said they would be very interested in BPL if their utility could beat the price of broadband internet alternatives,” said Michael Reid, a research director at Platts. “But interest dropped sharply when we introduced specific price points. At $29.95 per month-below typical prices for internet access via cable or DSL-only 9 percent were still very interested.” Is anyone listening?


It's good to hear some positive news these days.