Timmins Aviation, LLC owns and operates a FAA licensed Part 107 drone photography program.

Are you using (or thinking about using) drone photography for business purposes? Promoting products or services, showing off your renovation/landscaping work, or charging for photography taken with a drone (such as wedding photos)? Unless you have the FAA's Remote Pilot license, you may be violating federal law. Let me take care of the drone operations and photography for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Timmins Aviation, LLC maintains a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, along with all accessories, experience and training necessary to make your flight a success. Flights are insured for liability (if you have specific needs, please let me know), and any paperwork issues, aircraft safety, maintenance and regulatory issues are things you no longer have to worry about.

Do you have more exotic needs, like thermal photography, to take photos within 5 miles of an airport, or any other part that sounds like it'd be a deal killer for normal drone flight? Let's talk – many things can be accommodated, and many FAA restrictions can be waived with enough advance notice and planning.

Whether you're trying to inspect a roof that is difficult to get to:

Damage evident to the left of the chimney

Feature a property for sale or for construction before/after shots:

Feature a neighborhood or show off an area/renovation/etc:

Let's talk!

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