Two things that make me feel old:

* There's a 90's alternative station on sirius now. The fact they've now created a station for a decade I spent my teen years in and graduated high school in has now nominated me for old person status.
* (because it will be blatantly obvious soon) I'm going to be a Dad in September. Yes, it's deliberate, and yes, I'm excited about it. 🙂

Just for the record

If anything were to ever happen to me, I want people to know that I am all about digitally recreating me, for commercial or non commercial purposes. Specifically, stuff like this would be awesome. The techniques used to finish "The Crow" would also be neat.

Not that I plan on going anywhere, I'm just sayin in advance that it would be awesome.

PS: if you use me for commercial purposes, totally pay my next of kin a large sum of cash.

PPS: No porn.