Blah, I'm sharing my crappy attitude with all of you today.

I'm bored, tired, and feel like warmed poop.

I was so bored I wrote a SIP implementation (in perl(!)) that can connect to a server, make a phone call, and then starts up its own RTP processor that simply echos back everything the callee says. Becky and I were using it to make funny noises at each other. We're mature like that.

But I had my first real-world use for the fork() system call. yay!

Yea, so I have a cold and am running a fever. I've been feeling it since 25 Dec. It sucks.

Tomorrow I have a site install. It's gonna be fun if my coworker is still ill (different sickness) and I feel like this. And by fun I mean "suck". And I can't loop the SJ on the customer site in fucking Clio, so Friday's install could be … fun… But I accepted the circuit earlier when I could loop it, so maybe at least now I can fire up ebond and open up my first ever DS1 TT. yay.

Work is still awesome though. I bitch about my job but I'd never take a moment of it back.

In exchange for hearing me rant, I give you a picture of my niece reading a book. It's cute and will make you smile.

Dearest ,

Eight years ago today you stole my ring, my heart, and my hat.

I got a new hat, and 4 months ago, I gave you your own ring. I never did get my heart back but that's okay.


This has been one of the most productive weekends I've had to date. I've:
* Got a case for the new server, and cased up my machine in it. It has proper ventilation, a properly rated power supply, and everything. It's nuts!!!! It's also 19" rack mount with rails. I hope the new colo has back rails, because the current one does not and I really don't want to buy a shelf for this thing.
* Replaced my front brakes. My car stops properly now!
* Got my oil changed
* Put gas in my car (I've been running on E all week)
* Shopped for groceries
* Picked up some crap for work at Microcenter
* Dropped off a customer's router at the agent's house so we can turn up the circuit on time
* Watched a movie off my netflix so I could get my queue doing something other than being stagnant
* Set up a proper streaming server so I can listen to my sirius radio anywhere I want again
* Installed an OS and configured some machines for work
* Added additional capacity to our primary voip server at work
* Caught up on my sleep, which has been neglected heavily as of late.

All in all, it's been a pretty awesome weekend. And it's not yet over.

I just came up with a new word you are mandated to use when in polite company and describing phone sex or cybersex. "Telecoitus". You can use it in reference to an act in progress, like "Telecoital", etc.

I don't know why I bother reporting bugs if people simply expect me to be their test lab.

I simply inform others to beware that asterisk has a retarded lack of defaults that WILL fuck your asterisk server if someone is permitted to record a 2GB WAV file in any way shape or form. And they won't submit the bugfix because I won't be their goddamn test lab.

Not my loss. I know the workaround. And personally I could care less if anyone else uses the software. It gives *me* a competitive advantage.

The sad thing is, there are plenty of other things in asterisk like this where they expect the reporter to carry the entire burden. Read the notes on this. They wanted me to do all sorts of crazy shit when the issue and fix were fucking obvious. fuck them.

Crazies at the store

Okay, so we were in meijer buying foodings for tonight. We're making homemade pizzas. Awesome!

Anyway so this 40-50 year old lady comes up to us and says that we should stock up on water.

I'm like "umm, why?"

"Well you know all the heroin users in troy? Well, I talked to levin and he's calling in the US military to stop the drug problem, and to keep an eye on all the arabs in detroit. Due to al-qaida."

"umm, what?"

"yea, so get water" *walks away*

So okay that chick's just crazy. I mention it to the cashier. She's like "OH THAT LADY YEA she's here like 3-4 times a day and she's nice and all, she's always compliementing me and stuff but OH MAN IS SHE NUTS"

So yea anyway I thought it was hilarious. Happy Saturday!