Christmas was good. A lot of good times were had (we had our christmas on the 24th here at the Timmins house. We all do things a little differently)

Why the hell am I writing about it right now?

My switch decided to call and say merry christmas. Hooray.

One of my SS7 links bounced for 8 minutes. Good times, good times.

Now to sleep.


Treo 755p

I finally found something that needs improvement on my treo. Evidently the phone has been off for most of today and I did not notice until I saw my email was out of sync so I forced a sync with exchange at work. It said the phone was off. There turned out to be 14 text messages, 5 voicemails, and 27 new mail messages.

On the other hand that sort of silent calm was really awesome.

My car isn't on fire. It's not shooting sparks. It is (mostly) working great after I poured just south of a grand into it.

No additional house wiring has decided to try to do the double homicide/suicide thing.

We did a lot this weekend. But it wasn't work. It was a lot of chilling out, and hanging out.

We have a christmas tree, and the beginnings of christmas lights outdoors. Didn't buy enough of them. Oops.

Since we're buying new, all christmas lights we've been buying are LED based. Since everything else in our house is CCFL or LED except for strategically placed incandescents* we don't have to feel like we're wasting tons of electricity doing it. And it's less likely to start a fire. Hooray?

Becky has decided to make pre-prepared delicious breakfasts rather than cereal this week. loaded scrambled eggs and sausage is the breakfast menu this week!

Anyway that's the poop on things.

* I have dimmers in some areas – CCFL plus dimmer usually equals something other than "properly functioning" (and I haven't messed with the dimmable ones yet.