Status update

House: Yay

Old place: only a day or two more work needs to be done on it. Hopefully we can have it ready by the first. Otherwise I need to talk a couple more days out of my landlord to make it *right*.

Work: Yay. Things are rapidly approaching the point I've wanted to make them be at. Getting this network architected for maximal awesomeness is going forward with full steam and meeting very few issues along the way.

Family: Grandma is in town. hey mom since I know you read this and it's easier to post here than find you because of how busy you are, hey, can we crash at your place this weekend? space is *tight* at dads. Of course we'd visit with you as well as time permits. comment back or do 866-591-0311 option 9 to call me on my dime for details)

Today has been pretty awesome.

Except for our softswitch flipping out for about 20 minutes or so. I'll have to figure out what the hell caused that.

After today's installment of "Two strong dudes and a large truck", it looks like our old house may in fact be ready to have the keys handed over by the 1st. If not, I may be able to talk a few days out of the landlord for a "almost as good as you gave it to me" shape, as it's beneficial to all parties that way. Either way, this following week will be the last time I need to go there, and while I liked the place when I had it, I'm glad to be in my new place and not have to deal with the constraints of the old one anymore.

Plus side: We took half a fucking moving truck packed solid worth of shit, and I lost no usable living space in my house after the move was complete. None. Almost 100% of it went to the garage to be cleaned and sorted, or was packed into the room I had set aside for storing items in the basement. I was quite pleased.

I wanted to do a max paynesque post where I start with the end, and then go back to the beginning describing how things got to this point, but i don't have the desire.

We showed up for Adam's surprise birthday party last weekend.
Becky did *huge* amounts of work in the last week preparing us for the moving people this weekend. Yay!

My foot (see post about xrays about 2-3 weeks ago) hasn't been feeling any better than it was the day it happened almost 2 months ago. I may need a second opinion on what damage has been done to it. My back hurts badly too, but I think that overdoing it on this move has been a primary factor. I'll leave it alone for a couple of weeks and see if taking it easy will make it better.

I've been sleeping well at nights for the past couple. Yay?

I got a respectable raise and a very generous bonus this month too. Paying my first mortgage payment should be even easier than anticipated, which pleases me greatly as I've been sorta stretched tight by paying utilities at two places, etc. Once everything settles down it will be a non issue, but when I'm going out and buying refrigerators and crap it messes up the budget a tiny bit in the short term, and this easily nullifies that.

I'm tired but happy. In 20 days I'll have been married a year. I can't believe that. But it's been a great year thus far, and things are only looking better. Where did the time go?

My 911 file pushes work. The scripts are ugly. Stupid demand dialup to ftp servers setup.

We're closer to getting out of the old place. I changed our address with the bank today.

Deposits large enough to fund a rewiring of the house. Enough to pay off my appliance purchases. They were made today and I am excited.

The house is filled with clothes in various stages of washing. Well, not filled, because this place is SO much bigger. But there's lots. Hopefully we'll get all the old house cleaned out of clothes in the next day or two, and the arrangements made to have the movers come maybe on Thursday or Friday.

We planted two lavender flowers on the side of the house last night.

I met a neighbor or two in the last few days.

Mom sent a housewarming gift. That makes me smile. Thanks mom!

I still hurt everywhere. I hate moving. Thankfully I have planned to never move again.

There is no way in hell I'm gonna make my self imposed date of 7-15 for moving out of the old house. Not even close. And I'm killing myself doing it. Implications that I am a member of the undead at work are starting to be made. In an effort to de-zombify, a great deal of effort is planned to be outsourced to people with more physical prowess than myself in trade for money.

I think this is a good idea.

It shall be made so.

Now to take painkillers and rearrange t1 circuits. How I roll.

Things that are awesome:
Our new washing machine
Our house
Our basement
Our friends

Things are unspeakably awesome right now. And despite some minor setbacks everything is going very well and according to plan. Even if my body thinks its going to die and hates me.

Computer Desks were moved,
Fireworks were enjoyed,
Delivery of Washing Machine Of Doom (TM) scheduled for Tuesday,
Rebooting of servers was done,
Laundry was done at old house, and moved,
Majority of acoustic tiles in basement now removed,
Floors were swept,
New (to this house, I bought it in the old one) thermostat is installed and working,
We sleep now.

Also, if all goes well I should be saving almost the amount of my difference in payment per month in this house in utility bills. Between my deliberate purchasing of only high efficiency energy star appliances, and better flow through ventilation, and more powerful AC unit (so it can actually cool the place properly, and then shut OFF rather than run 24/7, which means my thermostat can actually do its energy saving job), it seems to be going quite well as of now.

At least in the summer. In the winter, God only knows how well this converted oil burning furnace that is original with the house will work, I know its efficiency is pretty poor. I hope it fails in a "doesn't kill me or blow up my house" sort of way such that the home warranty dudes will replace the damn thing. Meh.