Nothing has caused an electrical fire in my house in the last 11 hours, and the cost of repairing my car is still less than $1,000 (for this repair, anyway. The full repair which I have to do before it gets hot out will crank up the price quite a bit).

And none of my homies got killed in south central LA.

So I'd say it was a good day?

West Michigan

I am officially in west michigan. I saw a few bespoke monster trucks already.
Something is wrong with my car. I suspect it has something to do with the smoking hole in my serpetine belt. Hurray!
+1 for my family who is coming from Grand Haven to get me from Grand Rapids, and AAA who is sending a tow truck.

ignignokt has redundant drives yay raid!

also on facebook suddenly there's like 32 people in the timmins2008 group. um, like even my mom is there. hah!

fast and busy weekend, but a good busy.

holy shit it's 2am I should really go to bed.

maybe I shouldn't have gotten up at 1pm today.


A great weekend!

There was much laziness this weekend. That and mowing the stupid lawn.

Also, on the left, is what I was carrying on my person as of Friday.
On the right, is what I will be carrying on my person tomorrow.

It will be most excellent to lighten the load, while gaining functionality at the same time.