Coast Guard Festival

Ok, so I am here at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival. I am using an internet terminal run by SBC ameritech. It's a panasonic toughbook with a wireless NIC in it.
The SSID is "2WIRE200", channel 6, KEY is set.
They have local payphones here that have an ANI II identifier of 00 (yes, that means they're standard landlines, COCOTS.

I saw the funniest thing today, it was a bunch of Ottawa county sheriffs walking by a restaraunt that was playing "I shot the sheriff" on the deck. They appeared to be unfazed, but it was a funny situation. I'll be meeting up with my mom and princess126az in a few minutes, gotta go. later!

Wow. I'm recommending smartmedia to everyone now.

Apparently becky forgot to check my pockets, and ran a 2MB smartmedia card fhrough the washer and dryer*.

Just took a picture with it.. works fine.

*we use the high heat dry setting, in case you were curious.

oh, and I just switched the default route to go through the DSL. Works great. It even sounds cool in a butt set, but that makes the loop drop. :->

SDSL is up. Speakeasy's no joke. The loop was active when the installer installed it, and he plugged it in and it worked, right away
The covad installer cleared the ticket with covad and left. I closed the door behind him, and hit reload on speakeasy's site.

I already had 3 emails welcoming me to the service, and they took the liberty of informing me, that yes, they had in fact already immediately billed my debit card for the install fee.
Damn, that's hardcore..

Anyway, I get cash if you sign up for them through this link:


Summary of tonight

+ did the weekly trip to the awesome mexican restaraunt with amd
+ went to B's to pick up a chair and help with his computer
+ the chair was much nicer than I thought. I now have a leather recliner in front of my computer. It's soooo pimp.
+ I got an old (but very nice) NEC 17" multisync to replace my 15" hyundai monitor. I passed that one down to , who desperately needed a new monitor. I still miss my 19" Compaq V70 that was stolen a year and a half ago.
+ me and zer0 were gonna go out and do some stuff, ended up deciding "those ricer cars are cool, let's follow them and see where they're going!"
– Half an hour later, I'm direct-connecting trying to figure out where the hell "Fenton. MI" was, and how to get from there back to Waterford.
+ He ended up giving us sub-optimal directions, but we made it to a gas station using them, and found we were closer to M-59 than we thought, so we hit it up that way.
– ended up committing to reloading the OS on two laptops tonight.
+ I get paid to do it.
+ Submitted my resume to a consulting firm, my asking price was in the midle of the range of what they were offering.
+ If my VP's plan went through as well as I hoped, I might not have to worry about it.
+ I am getting a hell of a deal on 's ipaq sunday, and I'm taking him up on it.
+ DSL install tomorrow between 8am and noon! w00t!