heh. a few hours ago there were two cops at the door.

they asked for zer0.

Just kidding.

Apparently we were holding a "loud party with lots of people and noise". Don't ask me how 3 people in seperate rooms, one watching a pokemon video, one playing with quicken, and one watching tv constitute a loud, wild party.
I mentioned our crazy downstairs neighbors, and mentioned the death threat letters, and they laughed nervously. They then seen all the computers behind me and they stood there stunned for a second. They're like "Wow, I've never seen that many computers in an apartment before". I just said "Yea, I telecommute alot." and then edged the door shut slightly. They then chuckled, shook their head, and left.

So next time I hear them argue downstairs, I'm calling a report of possible domestic violence on them. If I'm lucky, one of them will get hauled away for it. I don't care who, to be honest, but I'm hoping the mom does, because she seems to be the catalyst of the attitude problem down there.