HAHA, I Love the Detroit area

Yea, so our public access channel here must have been bored, or run out of things to show on TV. For those who are lucky enough to have Waterford's public access channel, turn to Comcast channel 10.

For those of you that are lame, and don't have it. Don't worry. I've captured a 30MB avi that shows you exactly what I was seeing.

Yes, that's right. Homemade backyard wresling. Completely uncensored. You can hear them saying the F word constantly. It's very funny.
You just -HAVE- to laugh at the part when he beats the kid on the head with the chair.

And this was on the cable here.

Oh, and it looks like Isiah is getting himself in a bit of trouble. It's funny seeing him held back by another basketball player. Remember I used to see him like every day for a year when I worked for his company. hehe.

Oh, and , This song is pretty cool. Not as cool as The Red by Chevelle, but pretty decent otherwise. If you want my copy, you know how to get ahold of me for the URL.

A somewhat upsetting news article…

Two neighbors have been fighting over the American flag of all things, because one of them says it is disturbing the peace.

The giant symbol of freedom is a bit noisy when it whips around in the wind outside of Ray Saelen's house.

One neighbor complained that in high winds the symbol of freedom becomes a disturbence of the peace. Ray Saelens likes to watch his flag wave in the wind and he also likes the sound.

"The flag is a voice of all the people who have given their lives for our country in the past, and every time that flag makes a noise, that reminds me of all the people who have given their lives," he said.

What is patriotic to Ray's ears is apparently a problematic noise for one of his neighbors, whose complaint to Chesterfield Township Police led to a ticket.