One is not the lonliest number, an excerpt from "Party of one: The loners' Manifesto"

Alone does not necessarily mean in solitude: we are not just the lone figure on the far shore. This is a populous world and we are most often alone in a crowd. It is a state less of body than mind. The word alone should not, for us, ring cold and hollow but hot. Pulsing with potentiality. Alone as in distinct. Alone as in, Alone in his field. As in, Stand alone. As in, like it or not, Leave me alone. This word wants rescuing, this word wants pride. This word wants to be washed and shined.
The mob wants friends along when doing errands, working out at the gym, at the movies. The mob depends on advice. Eating alone in decent restaurants horrifies the mob, saddens the mob, embarrasses the mob. The mob wants friends.


The mob needs to be loved.

It lives to be loved.

Or hated, with that conjoined fervor with which mobs face their enemies. Both love and hate are all about engagement. About being linked with humanity generally, as a policy. Loners have nothing against love but are more careful about it. Sometimes just one fantastic someone is enough. As a minority, we puzzle over nonloners, their strange values. Why do they require constant affirmation, validation, company, support? Are they babies or what? What bothers them about being alone? What are they so afraid of? Why can't they be more like us?

Well, they cannot, nor can we be like them. Behavioral geneticists claim that human temperaments and talents — skills, preferences, modes — are inborn, like eye color. This science is comforting insofar as it frees our parents from feeling that having loners as children is their "fault," that they "did something" to "cause" this.

Was I born this way? Or am I a loner because I am an only child? My friend Elaine is one of seven children and she is the most lonerish loner I have ever met. Stephen Zanichkowsky is a loner. His memoir, "Fourteen," is about growing up with thirteen siblings.

Does it matter how I got this way? Not if I am happy. I am. Loners need no more to be cured, nor can be cured — the word is gross in this usage — than gays and lesbians. Or people who love golf.

This applies alot to me.


I modified the host record for
The root registry for .net domains will brodcast two IP address:

Full propagation may take up to 48 hours.

PS: Please note that our account manager will show only one IP address
which is IPv4.

Best Regards,


I'm looking to trade MX and DNS with someone who has a permanent IP address, stable connection, and was not affected by Thursday's power outage.

Anyone interested please reply here or email me at


Feels good in the air conditioned confines of level 3. They get mad ups for this:
$ uptime
8:56pm up 428 days, 13:55, 4 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

The whole northeastern united states loses power, and my uptime is maintained.

Fuck, air contitioning ownz me. This whole city looks so bizarre and post-apocolyptic with the complete lack of power.

I'm incredibly disturbed that my hobbies have left me completely prepared to be able to be serving DNS from emergency power to keep my mail from bouncing.

I'm also incredibly disturbed that my DSL still works, even though the city south of us doesn't even have running water.

Lord praise Ham radio, computer ninjaness, and telco backup batteries.

— Topic for #mi2600 is where the hell is noweb4u?

Apparently my friends on IIP missed me 🙂

It seems weird to be home again, but I really enjoy it. After 2 weeks on the road (not counting the two days I was here in between and mostly slept) it's nice to be back home. Packetstream is great, but it's alot nicer to just have a permanent internet connection that is faster than 19.2 kilobaud.

I downloaded this today, and I'm pretty disturbed.
Those of you who are not amateur radio operators won't understand why that video is a bad thing, but believe me, it is.
That's what happens when Broadband over Power Line works at currently legal part 15 levels, and the industry wants the FCC to allow BPL to be allowed to exceed part 15 levels. This could basically destroy amateur radio HF. I thought the ARRL was just being alarmist until I seen QRM that holds a solid S9 across the band. You can hear them trying to tune in a normal transmission, and you can barely hear it if you can tune out the noise mentally.
If that interested you, read

"The BPL industry and their associations have told the FCC and the world that there is no interference potential from BPL systems," Haynie said. He noted that the American Public Power Association, in its comments to the FCC, put the burden on the technology's challengers to empirically demonstrate its interference potential.

"The video presentation does just that," Haynie said. "Anyone seeing these BPL signals for megahertz after megahertz for miles along a power line should be convinced that BPL–even operating at the present FCC limits–poses a serious threat to all HF and low-VHF communications."

Pictures of my trip to Traverse City are posted. Check them out if you're bored.

I couldn't have asked for a better 7 days than what I just experienced. I couldn't have planned a better 7 days than that. I don't really wanna get into details, but I'm really happy nonetheless.

My boss was right, I should have taken a vacation a long fucking time ago.