Did we take over germany or something?

Dotster spam:

DE Domain Extensions – Perfect for Detroit!
Whether you have a local Detroit business, want a Detroit related online presence, or are a proud citizen of the Motor City, .DE domain extensions are perfect for you.

Hey, guys? What the fuck? You can't just go and make shit up like this. .de isn't perfect for detroit. It's perfect for Germany (Deutschland). How retarded are domain companies now? I thought well, maybe with things like .tv (Nation of Tuvalu) and .fm (Federated Micronesia), they might have at least a humorous connotation, and it's not like either of those nations are going to use their domain suffixes heavily anyway. But Germany? .DE is a stretch anyway, .DT would be better.

Hey, marketing people: quit pissing all over my internet. Go make your own to fuck up.