5 thoughts on “Tracking Numbers”

    1. The only auction that was reasonably priced on ebay was for a lot of 3. It works out to $10 apiece before shipping, so I figure I'll sell them locally at rubi-con or just reauction the ones I don't want, or lacking that I keep them as spares in case the one breaks. I love the original nintendo. The graphics and sound sucked so the games had to be challenging and entertaining without those. Too many games these days are all glitz and advertisement, or (in the case of duck hunt) are not recreated out of political correctness.

      Plus I miss playing mario games that aren't 3d, that just makes the game too difficult. :->

      1. yeah, Duck Hunt is totally offensive (not to mention the psychological trauma and emotional hurt that it causes when the dog laughs at you ;op )

        1. Am I the only one that tries to empty a clip in that dog when he does it? Man, if the game would let me shoot the dog, he'd be VERY dead. ;->

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