And with that, we don't get DSL… Not even IDSL.

2002-03-27 11:18 AM This order is going to be cancelled by Covad. The decibel loss is too great for the circuit to work, but too small for Ameritech to install a repeater.

2002-03-27 07:31 AM Manual type
Per the ebta notes this order will be cancelled the db loss is not within range to add repeater.

Covad Service Delivery
2002-03-26 12:37 PM I have requested that Covad provide an update regarding the open ILEC Trouble Ticket and I will continue to monitor this order until an update is given.

3 thoughts on “And with that, we don't get DSL… Not even IDSL.”

  1. i kind of have the feeling that ameritech is simply refusing to provide service to covad. i had the same problem here with directvdsl–they said they could install the circuit, then a couple of weeks later contacted me to say that ameritech told them the line won't work and can't fix it yet. a couple weeks after that i got a call from ameritech saying my line was now servicable for dsl, and they were contacting me because i had expressed interest in their dsl service in the past. however, the dsl modems they use are for pppoe and are incompatible with freebsd (my router), so i didn't sign up with them. instead i contacted directvdsl again and told them ameritech had called to inform my house was now serviceable, they attempted another install, and once again ended up being told by ameritech that the line to my house simply wouldn't work with dsl.

    now i'm waiting for wideopenwest to begin cable interest service. they've told me south-east michigan will be turned on sometime in april, so we're getting close 🙂

    1. Well with covad, I can believe it – they have their own equipment, they don't resell ameritech dsl.

      I am on the phone right now attempting to order Ameritech SpeedPath 768 OfficePlus

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