The debacle is over…

I've said screw amertitech. I contacted their executive offices, and they refused to recognise my faithful payment history. Fuck them. They now lose twice. Once because they could have won back my POTS line, and then sold me DSL. Screw it, they get neither. I hope they're happy.
I found a new ISDN provder that sells dedicated 128k ISDN for $50 a month, I'm happy now.

3 thoughts on “The debacle is over…”

    1. Summary:
      $50 (approx) BRI Circuit, provisioned with voice+data, 1200 local calls per month
      $47 something 128k Dedicated ISDN access, static IP
      Ability to telecommute and get access to the 6bone? Priceless.
      If this intrigues you, let me know, I'll dig up the name of the company I'm going through. They're based in Commerce Township, and have local numbers all over 248. (I think they have numbers nationwide – they are actually a virtual ISP partnered with several of the big dialup reseller networks)

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