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    1. Kinda, they have that stuff here, in fact they hold a huge festival here every year where they celebrate tulips (in fact, here, it's actually illegal to pick tulips…)
      Funny part is it's a medium sized town in the western side of Michigan. I'm actually in muskegon now, but I was on my cell phone writing that post from a restaraunt. Holland is 's hometown, and a place where I was doing an onsite for my work, and I have family around here, because I grew up just north of holland. :->

      1. Holland, Michigan? used to live there.. and I visited him there back in October (before he moved to TX, to live with me, in december). Nice little town. πŸ™‚

        1. Yeah, holland is a great place to visit, but a shitty place to live. Too many stupid laws, stupid people, the area is rife with hordes of religious conservatives.

          1. Well aside from lack of high tech industries (or from what I saw when I was there).. it didn't seem so bad. If you get a chance, try out the 8th Street Grill & Cafe (I think it's called).. or the Italian restaurant down the street from it.. both have really good food. πŸ™‚

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