My car started and I got to work aight, unlike yesterday. Thanks to for the jumpstart last night.

my mailserver/webserver is down right now, it's upstream isp is incompetent. Thank god I've switched away already. I'd take port 25 outbound blocked over no internet service at all anyday of the week! :-> (Of course the port 25 issues will soon be rectified as soon as I get paid.. :-> )

I'm really loving my linux desktop. I remember it being alot slower than this, but I think nautilus was to blame for that whole mess. I don't have it installed now, and linux flies. w00. The new VMware beta rocks too. It has USB passthrough to the client os. You just hotplug the device with vmware active and vmware claims it and emulates a hotplug event to the client os. That is really cool for my usb devices that only work in windows (my main reason for not switching until now). I might be able to get becky to run linux as her primary os pretty soon, I just gotta get off my ass and finish the install I did a long time ago.

Well, I'm hungry like a fox, so I gotta run to get some breakfast.

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  1. yeah, nautilus 1.x was gorgeous, but if you had < 128 megs of ram, forget about running it--it was just too slow. the development series for gnome-2 (1.1.x) is comming along *really* nicely though. it's much faster than 1.x in every respect, and with the gnome-vfs-extras package it can finally browse samba shares :)

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