Whee, I found out how much I missed IRC and DCC bots :->
Also, according to all the APRS beacons I can see, it looks like it's quite warm outside today. I think I might even want to eat in proximity of the outdoors today. w00!

===[Who Was]===

1.Your first crush:

2.Your last crush:

3.The last person you hung out with:

4.The last person you talked to:

===[What Was]===

1.The first concert you went to:
I went to Molly Hatchet with my dad, then seen the KoRn tour in 99-00.

2.The first car you drove:
Big Truck, my 1989 Chevy S-10

3.Your favorite thing when you were 5, do you still have it?
I might, if I could remember what it was…

4.The last place you went:
IT room, or McDonalds, depending on what you're asking.

5.What are you most nervous about?
The voices. They're everywhere! They tell me to hurt myself! Heeeeellllppppp!

6.What are you happiest for?
Being alive.

7.What are you most looking forward to?
hmm, dead split between:
* Callsign licenseplate
* Getting a real TNC
* Getting the icom 706
* Paying off the IRS
* Getting the KSU and phones
* Getting a house someday where I can mount things on the wall, play my stereo as loud as I want, and drilling holes and pulling wire anywhere I please

8.What are you least looking forward to?
getting the logistics of paying the IRS, State of Michigan, and all my bills worked out

9.Who are you "with" right now?
Becky. Or if you mean who shares my approximate physical location, noone, my boss is out for the morning.

10.Who do you dislike the most?

11.How old would you like to be when you get married?
According to my planning in quicken, I'll be getting married at age 25-27

12.Where do you want to go to school?
If I didn't actually have to attend, MIT, U of M, or MTU. I don't really want to attend school, I hate the structure.

13.What do you want your profession to be?
Something dealing more with communications engineering or security. Either being the control operator/engineer in a radio or TV station, or being an engineer for a large IP network, or a switch engineer at a telco. I'm happy with my current job though.

14.Where do you want to live?
A house where I can have any kind of wiring anywhere. Somewhere where I can have ample power, high bandwidth connections, lots of phone lines, etc etc.

===[Finish the Sentence] ===

1.My mom… isn't as bad as I make her out to be sometimes.

2.My dad… is a great guy, but a bit distant, unchanging, and overbearing sometimes

3.I am… an engineer

4.I want… Unlimited resources to do whatever I want.


1.If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring?
A full ham radio setup (including generator and fuel…). I wouldn't be stranded for long… 🙂

2.Would you shave your head for a $ 1,000?
If the $1000 was in cash, and it was up front, and you didn't file IRS 1099-MISC forms, sure.

3.Would you ever kill someone?
If I had to, yea.

4.What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
I dunno, I've seen alot of bad ones. I guess this one that turned out to be a bible film about the book of revelations was the worst though. It was funny that my mom didn't realize it was a bible film when she picked it out though.

5.What is the worst TV show you have ever seen?
Almost any of the "reality" shows qualifies here.

6.Do you like school?

7.If you could get to one place for a free vacation, where would you go?
San Diego, then the SF Bay area.

8.Do you like to fly?
whee, look at me, i'm flying! *waves arms*
Seriously though, it depends on where to, for what reason, and if I can keep myself busy.

9.How many times have you been kicked out of class?
More times than I could count. I think the school stopped counting too.

10.Do you wear a watch?
On my belt, I wear a watch. I stopped liking wristwatches sometime right after graduation.

11.Do you like pizza?
w00! Pizza!

12.How many times do you wash your hair a day?
ugh, once – duh.

13.Righty or Lefty?:

14.Do you have a good sense of humor?
yes, if you can't figure it out already.

15.What is one thing you can't do?
read minds, especially those of women, who are in general very big offenders of this.

16.Are you afraid of dying?
Only in the sense that I am uncertain of what would come after.

17.Do you like where you live?
It's alright, I wish I had more room and freedom to modify. Pretend the apartment is closed source, and a house is open source. That's how I see it.

18.If you could go out with any guy/girl who would it be?
I already do.

19.Your dream home?
One where I have conduit for anything I might want to run, a secure, cool enclosed area with proximity to the utilities appearances on the inside of the building, and oh yea, lots of A/C available, with climate control selectable per zone of the house, and lots of open space, and lots of property, with permissive/apathetic neighbors.

20.Shoe Size:
Dunno. Like 13 I think.

21.Your (natural) hair/eye color:

22.Who's in your family?
The question to ask is, am *I* still in my family?

23.What's your best talent?
Getting in places and things I shouldn't be, and/or don't belong.

24.Are you healthy?
No. There are lepers who could outrun me.

25.What emotion do you hide the most?
What emotion aren't I hiding?

26.do you think you are smart?
I try. I look too much for outside validation of this however, and become discouraged.

27.What is your best subject?
Social Studies, My TV internship was good too.

28.Are you religious?
Somewhat. I believe in God, even Jesus, even the Bible, but I don't feel that any branch of Christianity is properly inturpreting the bible.

29.Are you a good person?
I try to be, sometimes I fail.

30.Your Hobbies:
Ham radio, computers.

31.Your biggest fear:
Rejection and/or abandonment.

32.Personality type:
High strung, goofy.

33.Do you have a hidden talent?
Not really. I tend to show off what I know.

34.How many CDs do you own?
Too many. Mostly not audio CDs though, they're just too expensive, expensive beyond justifiability.

35.Do you consider yourself a romantic person?
When I want to be…

36.Do others consider you a romantic person?
Probably not.

37.Do others consider you a hopeless romantic?
Dunno quite what this means…

38.What is your dream car?
Seriously, I'd like a black van with no windows that has desks inside with ham and computer equipment on them, along with lots of steerable antennas on the roof. One where people pheer me pulling into their neighborhood…

39.What color is your room?

40.What size is your bed?

41.Do you have a TV in your room?
Yes., I never really watch it though.

42.Who is your favorite person to hang with?
I like to hang with all my friends. I refuse to choose.

43.What is your favorite brand of jeans?
The cheapest stuff that fits me. I'm all about utility over style or form factor.

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