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  1. heh, I'll probably only use the contacts management, the web browser, and netstumbler. If I was getting a PDA for doing hardcore scheduling, it wouldn't be this one. 14 hours battery life sucks ass for a PDA. I think of it as a mini laptop. :->

    1. I use my 3135 daily for normal PDA stuff, along with games. I usually get 3 to 4 days of use before I have to recharge. The mono screen does a great job of stretching the battery life. It also gets a little bit better when you get that $100 add on sleeve for the PC card, since the sleeve has an extra battery built in. Altho I recommend getting the dual PC card sleeve, since you can run the netword card plus an extra memory CF card or something. I also think the dual sleeve has a bigger battery.

  2. He got a mono model, but with same functionality. As for PPC2002, I found less funtionality than with the previous PocketPC (or WinCE 3, depending on you look at it). I upgraded my 3135 iPAQ to PPC2002, and I went back to WinCE 3, which is what comes preloaded on the 3100 series iPAQs.

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