My angry letters to the last few people who I have done business with on eBay

This one is for the iPaq I purchased earlier

Hi. I recently attempted to purchase this item on eBay. I paid for the item via your website, and since then have recieved no communications from you, despite repeated attempts to contact you via email.

I find this to be very bad business. If I do not recieve confirmation of shipping by Tuesday 23 April, 2002, I will be leaving bad feedback on eBay, and contacting my bank and beginning the process to chargeback the transaction.

I paid for Next Day air shipping, under the expectation that my item would actually be shipped in a timely fashion. I apparently was quite mistaken. I don't wish to change this order, but I am quite upset that despite paying that extra money, I don't get to use the iPAQ this weekend, because it has not yet arrived. I am quite upset about this whole affair. It would take quite a turnaround of events for me to purchase from you again.

Paul G Timmins

This is for a dutch auction on X-10 home automation keychain remotes


Recently, I bid on 2 x-10 keyrings on a dutch auction from you on eBay.

I had communicated with you previously about shipping items in the same package, and I was under the understanding these were going to be shipped, but they have not yet arrived, I have not been notified of the shipping of this item, and numerous emails sent by myself and other customers of you have gone unanswered.

If I do not recieve confirmation that the items I have paid for have been shipped by Tuesday, 23 April, 2002, I will be left with no choice but to leave negative feedback on eBay and seek fraud protection on paypal. It is my understanding that this can be quite devastating on a paypal account, but if I am left with no choice, then that is what it must come to.

It is my sincere desire that we will be able to work this out in an amicable manner for all involved, but I fear I may be left with no choice if I don't recieve communications from you about this soon.

Paul G Timmins

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