ipaq arrived broken. Angry business-like letter to seller below.

I recently bid on this, and recieved it today. I'm quite upset.
The auction item claimed this was in "New and complete" condition.
This item is most certainly not in new condition. In fact, in the sheet included with the iPaq, it has "new and" scratched out. It also notes on the sheet that only the bottom of the screen lights up. This is a material defect, known at the time of listing, that should have been noted.

I am far beyond upset here. If I do not recieve a response to this I may excersize my rights concerning deceptive sales practices and fraud under consumer protection laws.

I can understand your position as a reseller of surplus items, but you noted damage in your presales check, and didn't note something like this in the auction itself.

I'd consider either a nullification of the auction and a product return satisfactory, or if you'd like you could ship me one that doesn't have this material defect, not listed in the auction. If you have any other ideas as far as potential remedies, I'd be more than happy to entertain them, but something must be done.

I maintain what I bid for, and what I recieved, are two seperate things. Please contact me ASAP, if you'd like my phone number is 248-xxx-xxxx.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Timmins

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